Salt n Vinegar Nuts

  • Prep: 5 Minutes
  • Cook: 2-3 Hours
  • Serves: 16 (as a party snack!)

A simple yet tasty way to transform a healthy snack, you will never need crisps again!

Calories 80
Carbs 7g
Fat 8g
Protein .1g
Free From


  • 500g mixed nuts (macadamias and cashews are best!)
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 4 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1⁄2 tsp Himalayan Pink/Celtic Sea salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 120°C/248°F/gas mark 1.
  2. Toss the nuts in the oil, add the salt and vinegar, and scatter into an ovenproof dish.
  3. Mix well to ensure all the nuts are coated thoroughly and then place in the oven on a low heat.
  4. Once baked and crunchy, leave to cool before serving.