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Hormone Hero Nutrition Essentials [PDF]

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Struggling with your hormone health? Empower yourself with the essential knowledge and tools you need to balance your hormones with our Hormone Hero Nutrition Essentials. Includes a 21-day meal plan, over 100 recipes, and lots of practical guidance to help you design your own hormone balancing diet plan.


Currently on a rollercoaster ride with your hormones?

Our Hormone Hero Nutrition Essentials eBook details everything you need to regain control of your body and balance your hormones with food.

Whether you’re suffering from menstrual cycle issues, peri-menopause symptoms, or transitioning through menopause, this download contains a step-by-step hormone fixing process including:

  • Six essentials nutrition steps to optimise hormone health 
  • Effective weight-loss strategies 
  • Using blood sugar testing to personalise your carbohydrate and calorie intake 
  • Details of Hormone Hero ingredients, beverages, and superfoods 
  • Guidance on nutritional supplements to rebalance hormone health
  • Nutritional support for PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, and menopause symptoms
  • Guidance on fasting and hormone health
  • Over 100 hormone-balancing recipes 
  • 21-day Hormone Hero meal plan 

The practical guidance will enable you to design a personalised plan that will optimise your hormone health and as a result:

  • Restore your energy
  • Help you lose weight
  • Balance your mood
  • Alleviate bloating and digestive health issues
  • Improve your skin, hair, and nail health
  • Reduce any hormone-related symptoms including sleep disruption, hot flushes, and more

What do I get?

Hormone Hero Nutrition Essentials Ebook


  • Six essentials nutrition steps to optimise hormone health
  • Effective weight-loss strategies
  • Using blood sugar testing to personalise your carbohydrate and calorie intake
  • Lists Hormone Hero ingredients, beverages, and superfoods
  • Tips on troubleshooting fatigue, mood swings, digestive issues, and sleep issues
  • Guidance on nutritional supplements to support hormone health
  • Nutrition support for PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, and menopause symptoms
Hormone Hero Practical Guidance And Recipes  


  • Guidance on body image, weight loss, and calorie counting
  • Guidance on meal timing, snacking, and fasting
  • Over 100 hormone-balancing recipes
  • 21-day Hormone Hero meal plan

For women who are perimenopausal or going through menopause, you may be interested in our full Menopause Power Pack which is available here.

About the author, Keris Marsden (Fitter Food)

Women's Health, Hormones and Happiness RetreatKeris Marsden, Nutritional Therapist, Fitter Food Keris Marsden (NT Dip CNM, BA Hons, mBANT) is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Lecturer. She is also a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor and is the mastermind behind the sweet treats on offer from the Fitter Food kitchen. As the co-author of the best-selling paleo-inspired recipe book, The Paleo Primer, she is 100% dedicated to showcasing that eating an awesome diet of good quality, great-tasting, and easily accessible produce is essential in living a long, healthy, energised, and positive life. Keris regularly blogs on about her personal experiences with PCOS, orthorexia, and hormone health. She has a specialist interest in women’s health and has worked with thousands of private clients supporting with PCOS,fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, post-natal health, and menopause.



  1. I previously did the Women’s Health, Hormones, and Happiness Retreat is the information different in the Hormone Hormone Balancing Practical Guidance & 21 Day Meal Plan?
    The Pack contains information you have received during your time on the Retreat. If you need further support with your hormone health consider booking a 1-2-1 session instead.
  2. I’m a vegetarian is the meal plan suitable for me?
    Yes, whilst this is an omnivorous meal plan all recipes can be easily adapted and we can provide recommendations if needed.
  3. Is this content the same as the Menopause Power Pack?
    The Hormone Hormone Balancing Practical Guidance & 21 Day Meal Plan is included as a bonus in the Menopause Power Pack. If you’re perimenopausal or menopausal consider purchasing the Menopause Power Pack instead.

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