7 Awesome Tips For Christmas Leftovers

With a week of feasting on the horizon we’re all busy buying enough food to feed a small army and yet after the weekend we’ll probably be staring into a fridge stacked with meat, vegetables and potatoes (the stuffing always gets nailed of course!) wondering what on earth to do with it all.  The following recipe ideas and tips offer a few ways you can spruce up your leftovers so that this year your Christmas dinner just keeps going and going!

1. Cook up a Curry


One of our favourite ways of eating leftovers is to cook up a curry with all the leftover meat and vegetables.  Check out this recipe for a Boxing Day Balti, taken from our Fitter Food Christmas Ebook.  Great if you are still entertaining guests and everyone is feeling bit over roast dinners and prawn cocktail.

2. Stick it in a Soup 

IMG_2815Soup is so easy and versatile and you can add any kind of leftovers to create a tasty broth. Leftover roasting bones and carcasses are perfect for cooking up a flavoursome and nourishing soup broth, then add your leftover greens, fresh garlic, onions, leeks and some pureed root vegetables (like squash or celeriac) or potatoes to make a thick, creamy  soup.

A tin of coconut milk or bar of creamed coconut milk is also a game changer, not to mention plenty of herbs and spices.

Try our 5 a Day Soup or Squash Leek and Ginger Soup

3. Stuff it in a Pepper

Cinnamon and parsley lamb stuffed peppers

Place some leftover meat and vegetables inside a large pepper and gently warm in the oven for 30 minutes.

You can add some leftover meat, stuffing, mashed potatoes or even some cranberry sauce. Try it Mediterranean style by adding basil, oregano, feta cheese or parmesan, or give them a spicy twist with some Ras El Hanout and Eastern Spices.

Check out our recipes for Morrocan Lamb Stuffed Peppers or Baked Mediterranean Peppers.


4. Pop it on a Cauliflower Pizza


Using our Cauliflower Pizza base recipe add any of your leftover meat, vegetables, herbs and spices onto a healthy pizza base and serve it up, everyone will love it, especially when they realise it’s healthy.

The following would all make great festive toppings:

1) Turkey, cranberry & stuffing

2) Pig in Blankets

4) Boiled ham and egg


5. Make up a Meat and Salad Wrap


A tasty way to serve up your leftovers, the following make a great filling for a meat wrap:

1) Pork, celery and bacon stuffing with grated carrot

2) Baked sweet potato and mixed salad

3) Rocket, walnut and goat’s cheese

6. BOSH Bubble and Squeak

DSC_0711In a bowl mash together your leftover cooked greens, root vegetables and potatoes. Melt some butter in a frying pan on a medium heat and add your bubble and squeak mixture. As it’s Christmas you might want to cook with a few rashes of bacon and top with poached eggs to serve. Awesome!

7. Whack it in a Sweet Potato Jacket

Sweet Potato JacketIt’s really as easy as it sounds: simply warm a baked potato in the oven,  scoop out the flesh and mix it with your leftover meat or vegetables then pop back into the oven until everything is warm.

Turkey and cranberry sauce is top of our list or leftover roast pork and apple sauce , hmmmm!


We hope these idea’s help nothing go to waste in your kitchen this Christmas time. Of course we wish all of our Fitter Foodies an awesome Christmas and a happy, healthy New year – we can’t wait to work with you again in 2018

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