5 Tips to ensure you have an awesome weekend

Just a really quick post guys to ensure you have a truly epic weekend and wake up on Monday morning feeling amazing. Here I have 5 tips I believe will set you up for not only a great weekend but an even better start to the week. Enjoy the read and of course have a great weekend.

1) Have a coffee and workout: 

Kick your Saturday off with an awesome cup of coffee and a morning workout. Lift weights, go for a run, play tennis, attend a kettlebell class…..ahem. Whatever it is just get yourself moving. Not only will you feel amazing after but it will be done a dusted and the rest of the day is yours.

2) Go cinema:

Instead of going out drinking this Saturday, take your partner on a date and head to the cinema. Sit back, enjoy the film and be hangover free the next day. No date? Get a rental and cook a healthy dinner. Have some quality you time.

3) Ensure you have bacon in stock for an awesome breakfast on Sunday morning…..oh and coffee:

Start Sunday with a hearty breakfast and enjoy every mouthful. No bread of course 🙂

4) Set yourself 2 challenges for the week ahead:

Be it a fitness challenge, going a week without coffee, writing a blog (loads of fun) or even just something as simple as aiming to cook a couple of new healthy recipes.

5) Be prepared and relax:

Many people hate a Sunday evening as it marks the end of the weekend but this should not be the case. After your awesome breakfast pack your Monday bag so it’s ready and quickly prepare your lunches for the next couple of days. Then the rest of the day is yours to enjoy to the fullest and you won’t have to lift a finger or do anything else linked to Monday.

These are just my tips but essentially your weekend is yours to do all the things that make you happy but also that don’t leave you feeling like shite the first few days of the week. Have fun, recuperate and start next week on fire.