Women’s Health, Hormones and Happiness Retreat

What: 6 Week Women’s Health, Hormones and Happiness Retreat
Where: Online
Cost: £150

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Fitter Food Women's Health, Hormones and Happiness Retreat March 2021


Has lockdown and the last 12 months got you feeling completely frazzled?

Me too.

I’ve been thinking about how best I can use my experience to help women feeling like me.

The reason being my hormones, in fact every chemical in my body, has responded to and reflected the current situation and the stresses and strains of this pandemic.

I know I’m not alone here, however, I do feel lucky to know what adjustments I can make to help myself rebalance.

You see lockdown hasn’t just been a physical thing, emotions and feelings have been trapped too, bouncing off the walls, vibrating back and forth, influencing the balance of hormones.

Hormones govern energy, appetite, metabolic rate and therefore body composition.

They regulate body temperature, joint health, digestion, sleep, libido, cognitive function, reproduction and interact with your brain chemicals and immune system.

They can influence everything and lockdown 3.0 seems to have hit them the hardest.

Most women I know have been on the go 24/7. Furiously providing solutions and fulfilling the needs of the family, work, home schooling, endless mouths to feed and financial commitments.

This has led to a slow, persistent draining of resources and resilience, one of the roles of hormones is to flag this up.

The other problem with being knackered is that old and new personal battles tend to emerge.

I’ve seen many women spin all these plates whilst wading through a crisis of confidence, body image battles, comfort eating struggles, alcohol dependency, relentless sleep disruption and a host of digestive and skin issues.

All whilst being deprived of that much needed escape to the hairdressers!

Whilst I can’t offer a cut, blow dry or highlights, I can help with many of the above.

So I’ve decided to host a 6 week Women’s Health, Hormones and Happiness retreat.

It will be an experience that combines empowering education with practical sessions and a supportive community.

Essentially everything you need to restore yourself, reset your hormones and have all the tools necessary to consistently rebalance in future.

I’ll be covering hormones, nutrition, exercise, testing and sharing over a decade of personal experience successful working with women on hormone health.

There’ll be brand new recipes that nourish your hormones #snickersbites :-),

Plus I’ve grabbed some of my favourite professionals to teach yoga, mindfulness, meditation and an awesome sleep coach alongside me.

So if you’re ready to slow down and invest some time in you then I’d love for you to join me.

Find out more about the Women’s Health, Hormones and Happiness Retreat.