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What Buying a House and Fat Loss Have in Common

Hang on. Buying a house? Fat loss? I know what you’re thinking, what do they have in common? Don’t worry it will all make sense soon, in fact I’m actually quite chuffed with myself about this one!

Keris Matt Fat Loss and Buying a HouseOwning your own digs is awesome but if you have ever purchased a property I’m sure you will agree it can be a pretty stressful experience. Estate agents, banks, mortgages, solicitors, this document, that document, the list goes on.

I remember when Keris and I purchased our first home together, it was so exciting going round and viewing properties, working out what we wanted and the thought of having a place of our own was an amazing feeling.

We eventually found a lovely little flat that we both absolutely loved, we put an offer in and BOSH the sale was agreed. It was a cause for celebration, we were buzzing and already planning how we would decorate!

“How long do these things normally take in your experience?” I asked the estate agent.

“How long is a piece of string” he said “but normally between 9-12 weeks on average, sometimes longer and sometimes less.”

Then he said that classic line of… “it really just depends”.

I spoke to a few friends who had purchased properties and one had taken 7 weeks to complete and the other 9 weeks, so I was feeling optimistic.

On the fat loss journey

I was “on it” when it came to forms, documents and signatures as I didn’t want to hold anything up but as the weeks went by and issue after issue came up with other people in the chain, surveys and solicitors etc my optimism for a quick purchase was slowly running out.

As each day went by I was starting to doubt it would even happen at all and I actually started looking at other properties just in case.

The vendor said we were holding things up, our solicitor said the vendor was holding things up, the estate agent didn’t have a clue what was going on and to be honest neither did we.

The 9th week past, then the 10th, then the 12th…..Ah well he did say it depends right?

Week 15 comes around and we still were not where we wanted to be, which was in our little but lovely new home and to say we felt disheartened was an epic understatement.

I started thinking of our friends who all had completed in 9 weeks or less and thinking how unfair it was. Poor me boo hoo.

Keris Fitter Food HouseThen all of a sudden it was done. Just as I began to think it wouldn’t happened it all fell into place. “Please come and collect your keys as soon as you’re ready” was like music to my ears. Happy dance anyone?

The hassle, the back and fourth, the doubt, the delays and the stress was a distant memory, it no longer mattered because there we were stood in our first home together, one we worked really hard for.

It was a proud and emotional moment and my face ached from smiling so much. Know the feeling? When you get something you really, REALLY want. It’s pretty fantastic right?

But enough about me, what has this got to do with fat loss?

Well, how many times have you started “a new diet” or fitness regime?

You start off all excited at the thought of change and getting great results, you’re optimistic and ready to go.

Then as time goes on and progress isn’t quite as quick as you were expecting, you start losing momentum, you feel frustrated and begin questioning whether this is the right diet for you and start looking at alternatives.

You seek advice but one person says this, the other says that so now you’re just confused and don’t know what to do next.

You start comparing your results to friends of yours and how well and how quickly they achieved results and feel disheartened and as if you’re failing…. again.

Now let us imagine you don’t quit, you keep going, you make some small changes and…

Despite progress feeling slow you persevere and then all of sudden BOOM things start to fall into place and you can see and feel the results you were expecting, for a moment all the change, stress and sacrifice is forgotten as you are just so overjoyed by the new you.

It took longer than you hoped BUT now you’re there it doesn’t matter.

Did you see what I did here?

I hope you have spotted the links between buying a house and fat loss! I guess the main take home, whether it’s buying a house or losing weight are as follows:

–       It almost ALWAYS takes longer than you think.

–       Don’t compare your situation to others because it is never the same.

–       How quickly you get results really does DEPEND.

–       It’s not easy and at times it’s not enjoyable but it’s always worth it in the end.

Hitting your weight loss goal So sure, fat loss takes time, it has its ups and downs and is rarely straight forward BUT when you get there, when you look in the mirror and love what you see and how you feel, with a smile looking back at you it’s a pretty magical feeling.

It’s also a journey that can be made a hell of a lot easier and even enjoyable with a little bit of guidance, reassurance and support and that’s exactly why we created Fitter 16 our 16 Week Lifestyle Transformation Plan.

We understand that life is never straightforward, we know it can be confusing with so much contradicting information out there and when you see others achieving results faster than you, despite your best efforts it can be incredibly frustrating BUT….

The rate at which you achieve results depends on so many variables, the diet that works for you may not be the same as your friend who got great results doing blah. Discovering what works best for you takes a bit of working out!

So join the Fitter 16 team today and let’s work together to discover what works best FOR YOU.

There’s no calorie counting, no locking yourself away and avoiding social situations, just great food, a supportive community and amazing results that last on our Fitter 16 plan.

Don’t do “another diet”, make it an awesome LIFESTYLE change with Fitter 16. One that you’ll be able to sustain long past your time with us on the plan. What that you will enjoy and will leave you feeling fantastic.

We’re waiting over in the group with an awesome bunch of people ready to help you get started!


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