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Chasing Squirrel’s and Four Lessons in Fat Loss

I love a good analogy and this one is pure gold, based on a true story too.

There is nothing Hamish loves more than a good squirrel hunt, but for a long time he never came close to catching one, however, the other morning he did something which amazed me.

Bizarrely, it also got me thinking about how people often approach to fat loss…. bear with.

For years Hamish has chased squirrels and we always thought he doesn’t stand a chance, they’re far too quick, however, to give him credit he never gave up and gradually got closer and closer to catching one but still they always made it to the tree just in time.

After a while he started getting more savvy to their movements and changed his approach as what he was doing quite simply wasn’t working.

Instead of running straight at the squirrel he started to run at an angle to intercept the squirrel as it ran for the safety of a tree, he got closer and closer each time.

But still no squirrel.

He stuck with this approach for a while, getting a little closer each time but still his efforts weren’t quite good enough, until the other day.

When he ran straight at the tree instead aaaaand BINGO, he got hold of one, it squeaked, he let go and the lucky squirrel escaped.

Hamish was now unstoppable and had a swag about him as his plan worked perfectly lol.

I told him to pipe down, it took him 5 years after all.

He took the same approach at the next opportunity and BOSH, got another.

So how does fat loss come into this?

I think there are some great lessons to be learnt here:

1) If something isn’t working, change your approach

I see far too many people try to lose weight using the same method they’ve tried before in the hope it will work a second, third or fourth time around. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give something a second chance, however, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting a different outcome it is the definition of madness. Reflect upon why it hasn’t worked and change your approach.

Hamish tried an approach, made a little progress, mixed things up and got closer still. Learning from his mistakes and ADAPTING eventually turned him into a squirrel catching pro.

2) Be patient

Hamish is 5yrs old and has chased squirrels from the moment he was let off the lead, his success didn’t happen overnight. Change is tough and it takes time, how long depends on many variables but it’s really important you manage your expectations and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. What works for one won’t work for another so finding what works for you takes a bit of figuring out, BUT remember if your approach isn’t working after a few decent attempts see point No.1 again.

3) Understand things won’t always go your way

Whilst Hamish has tasted success he rarely catches a squirrel every time he runs for one. Most days they’re simply too fast, agile or his plan doesn’t work out yet he still keeps going.

You need to adopt the same mindset, even once you find something that works for you there will be some days that feel more challenging than others. You will be tested and at times overindulge more than planned or skip a workout for whatever reason. Be it work commitments, relationship troubles or the fact you’re not in the right mood, there’ll be reasons things don’t always go how you imagined/planned and that’s ok. It’s called life but what’s important is that you don’t sweat it or make it a bigger issue than it is, focus on your next squirrel and give that one your best shot.

4) You MUST enjoy the process

Not matter what the outcome it’s important that you find an approach you enjoy, if you’re going to make long term changes the less you test your willpower the better. A diet that is far too rigid or an overly complicated training plan will become pretty dull very quickly.

Whilst Hamish doesn’t always succeed you can tell he just loves chasing squirrels and catching one is a Brucey bonus.

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