Fat Loss

It’s January And About To Get Noisy!

It’s January and about to get noisy. Personal trainers will pick up the calorie deficit baton, ‘Nutritionalists’ lol will fill your feed with salads, smoothies, seeds and all things anti-inflammatory.

Yogi’s will do something impressively bendy and help you detox with a chaturanga or two. Sleep coaches will tell you to be in a (dark) bedroom by 8pm because circadian rhythm health rocks.

The pouting, selfies and showboating will gather momentum as January kicks into action. What’s crazy is this has become LIFE.

It takes up far too much of our conversations, choices and massively influences our relationship with ourselves.

I can wear all the hats, I’m qualified in the above and I have a lotta love for the power of food, movement, strength training, mobility, breathe work, sleep, etc

BUT I’m also a human being who’s taken many of these far too seriously at times and in doing so compromised my own health and happiness.

So let’s get something straight, your body needs fuel, hydration, oxygen, exercise and rest to function.

Our ancestors didn’t overthink this, there was no should do or must do, they had to move to get food/water in the first place, without the tech there was relaxation and quality sleep.

But they also couldn’t survive without being a team. They existed in strong communities with great respect for nature and everything the environment provided for them. Modern tribes are still an example to us.

Social connections, a symbiotic relationship with nature and sense of purpose keep the wheels in motion for them. It’s what we’re missing.

From this emptiness, we become excessive with everything… food, spending, exercise, consuming, etc

As a brand we aim to create products, write posts and provide services that energise the values and elements that served us so well in the past, yet are increasingly forgotten today.

The photo here with Hamish embodies what I think most people need right now, someone who genuinely cares.

We would love you to be part of our community in 2020 in any way that helps you.

Whatever you choose, make sure it offers something that means you’re NOT searching #fatloss on 2 Jan 2021 ?

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