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How to Get Beach Body Ready

This time of year, you might be thinking about denim shorts or beachwear and not loving the idea.

It’s totally normal.

Keris Bikini Bottoms

With all the social media pressure and current trends that include thongs, crop tops and the skimpiest swimwear (as I’m modelling đź‘€), it’s no wonder we might dread slipping into our summer wardrobe a little.

It can also be more problematic when it becomes the sole focus of your health efforts, or should that be a distraction?!

Summer is that time many people switch focus from positive goals to beach bods, swimwear sizes and gaining some guns.

I’m already getting emails about tight deadlines to get ready for your summer holiday.

My response is always…

  1. Who’s on this beach?
  2. What are they going to say exactly?
  3. Why is all this so important?
  4. Aren’t you just looking forward to some sunshine and a lie in?

With a bit of reflection, the answers are usually…  no one specifically, nothing (everyone is too busy worrying about their own beach bod), it’s not and YES!

All this distracts from what is MOST important.

Which is that you enjoy your well-earned, often too short and infrequent holiday and make the most of every minute.

As for your body goals, the more you make that a race, the more you’re likely to end up doing something unsustainable with transient results.

This means after the holiday, you’re back to square one.

So instead grab yourself a summer wardrobe that you feel comfortable in now and focus on repeating a few daily habits over the summer that help you strike a healthy balance and mean your holiday doesn’t trash your health.

For us it’s lots of daily movement, plenty of protein and grabbing some extra sleep.

If you want to come and hang out with us this summer for a bit of accountability we’d love to help you.

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A Fitter Summer