Fat Loss

Transform Your Metabolic Health at Any Age

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A question I get asked time and time again is about whether your metabolism slows down with age and what to do about it 🤷‍♀️

I hear comments about diets no longer working, hormones or menopause taking the blame and people being encouraged to accept it’s an inevitable part of getting old.

But the fixation with weight gain and aging continues, making everyone vulnerable to believing there’s a pill or magic “diet” bullet they’ve missed.

And a constant nagging feeling they should be doing more fat burning exercises 🤦‍♀️

As the options land fast and furiously on your newsfeed and inbox, it’s easy to be tempted by the attractive claims and shiny new stuff. But in most cases, you’ll just discover, as per usual, none of it works.

All is not lost.

There are tonnes of highly effective things you can implement to transform your metabolic health and body composition as you age.

What’s even more awesome is the fact that they:

💴 Cost next to nothing
💪 Bring lasting results
☺️ Transform you mentally alongside making improvements to your waistline
🥰 Improve your confidence and self-esteem
🏥 Lower your risk of most chronic diseases
I know this because I do them daily and…

💪 I’m fitter and stronger at 41 than I was at 21 and I’m training LESS.

⬇️ My hormones have been at menopausal levels for a while but I’ve continued to retain and build muscle mass

🩸 My blood sugars and insulin markers are all optimal despite the low hormone levels which can impact negatively

💊 I’ve experienced a wealth of positive changes just using evidence-based supplements geared to supporting things like bone density, joint health, muscle mass, and digestive health. Not an anti-aging supplement in sight 😂

I’ve put everything, including all the practical details and recipes obvs ☺️ into a Hormone Hero Nutrition Ebook and Menopause Power Pack 🙌

Both include meal plans, guidance on training, effective nutritional supplements, and the latest research on HRT and its health implications.