How do you reward yourself?

Hey folks, just a really quick post on reward. Many of us work hard both in the gym and at our jobs, we work long hours and at times experience high stress situations. All of which are a time where we can feel that a reward is deserved. Question is though how do you reward yourself?

For many and of course is in my experience as a personal trainer, reward normally comes in the form of food and drink. You get home from a long stressful day at work and “i’m going to open a bottle of wine, I deserve it” or “I trained really hard in the gym tonight so I will treat myself to a bit of cake” springs to mind. Whilst I at times have a drink and hell yeah I eat a bit of cake now and again I don’t link these things to reward but more so a choice I made to have them. Reward for me comes in the shape of outcome. What I mean is that if I have had a hard workout then the best thing I could do is eat nutritionally dense meals and get a good nights sleep in order to recover and progress. My reward is the improvement created by my training, rest and nutrition combined not a slab of cake because I worked so hard. Although this was not always the case. TBC

I am currently writing a post on the connection between emotion and food and more importantly how to overcome it so see this post as something to think about until then.

Have an awesome weekend.

Matt Whitmore