5 Causes Of Menopause Weight Gain

5 Cause of Menopause Weight Gain

I receive a lot of emails asking about menopause weight gain and recently wrote a blog HERE discussing some of the reasons.

The possible physiological changes that can make weight loss a bigger battle include low levels of estrogen, changes in thyroid function, changes to blood glucose regulation, lower levels of testosterone and sarcopenia (muscle loss).

Not all of these are a result of menopause, however, they may be exacerbated by it.

However, in my experience it’s more the symptoms associated with the hormone changes that are more likely to cause weight gain by altering behaviours, for example:

  1. Lack of sleep upregulates appetite hormones, increases food cravings and causes a reliance on caffeine for energy, this continues to worsen sleep health.
  2.  The stress of the symptoms lower feel good chemicals and also create a reliance on external comforts and food reward, typically sugar, alcohol, salty snacks, cheese, chocolate and processed foods.
  3. The brain fog and poor concentration causes immense frustration and further reliance on caffeine that worsens sleep symptoms, see point 1.
  4. The fatigue, lack of motivation and joint pain can make exercise painful and harder than usual. The body will find ways to move less and the subsequent lack or endorphins means it’s back to point 2.
  5. There’s a degree of anger, guilt and resentment that you know what you need to do but don’t have the willpower, discipline nor motivation to make a start. You can often feel the judgement of others too, looks suggesting you’re simply not trying, causing a ‘sod it’ mentality and it’s back to point 2 again.

It becomes a crazy cycle because it will literally drive you nuts. You know what you need to do yet go and do the total opposite. Every.Single.Day.

As perimenopause and menopause are such a personal experience many women barely speak out, they struggle alone, often feeling very isolated by the process.

With my clients base I’ve observed two things that are highly effective in breaking this destructive cycle: support and accountability.

It’s the reason I’m launching a 21 Day Menopause Support Hub this autumn.

I wanted to create a safe, private community where women could connect with one another and also receive some expert coaching from a Menopause GP, a medical herbalist, a vaginal health expert and women’s health physio.

The experience also includes regular access to other experts discussing weight loss, exercise, nutrition, supplements, bone density and more.

The experience is designed to help women have the support and knowledge to tackle their symptoms head on and implement a integrated approach to menopause transition.

You can download full details HERE

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