Should You Go Plant Based This Year?

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It’s estimated 1/3 of UK adults are “interested” in changing their eating habits according to a recent YouGov poll and Veganuary could be the starting point.

Personally I’m not sure about the data, I’m interested in running a marathon but… 🤣 A friend asked me if I believe a plant based diet is the best thing to do for health? Here’s my reply.

So, Should You Eat a Plant-Based Diet?

My answer? “absolutely!” I completely believe that making plant foods the basis of your diet is HUGELY beneficial for everyone.

I’ve experimented with dietary models to improve my health including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and grain free diets. All have been plant-based BUT I think I need to clarify here on my definition.

A diet that is based on eating lots of plant foods such as fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, pulses, nuts and seeds.

After a typical teen junk food phase I started eating more plant foods at uni, initially because they were cheap. However, I soon noticed the positive effect and I’ve incorporated loads into my diet since.

Do I believe you need to commit to veganuary or a specific “diet” to do this and reap the benefits? Nope! (And I’m not going to debate the above either as plenty of people spend hours doing this online)

Rather than get involved with that I suggest you simply get savvy with some awesome recipes to enable you to start upping the amount of plant based foods you consume.

For me, when I’m short on time it’s salad/stir fry’s/microwave rice with lots of veggies added. When I’ve got chance to batch cook, I make dhal/soup/curry’s/Bolognese/veggie burgers.

At no point have I relied on vegan cheese, fake bacon or plant-based pizzas. Highly processed food and the manufacturing processes involved do nothing for our health or the environment. I truly believe that real food first should apply to any nutritional template you choose.

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