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Bacon and Maple Syrup Pancakes

25th February 2022

We love New York and every time we go one of the highlights is the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, so it’s only right we make our favourite combo on pancake day right? These pancakes taste awesome and are…


Banana Drop Scones

24th September 2020

Drop scones (or mini pancakes!) without any flour or added sugar, it just doesn’t get any healthier. Try these for brekkie topped with berries or melted butter, yum!…

15 Minutes

Breakfast Pancakes

2nd April 2020

These breakfast pancakes take just a few minutes to make so are perfect as a quick morning treat.

11-13 Minutes

Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes

27th February 2017

Apple and cinnamon is an immense flavour combination and goes perfectly in these delicious sweet, pancakes.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

8th February 2016

These sweet potato pancakes are so easy to make and they taste brilliant. Give ’em a go this Pancake Day! (or any day!)…

Protein Pancakes

16th February 2015

These protein pancakes are a perfect Shrove Tuesday treat. Top with fresh berries and cinnamon to hit the sweet spot.

11-13 Minutes
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