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Scotch Eggs

English Breakfast Scotch Eggs

21st September 2013

We love creating new scotch egg ideas. Scotch eggs are a nutritious, convenient meal or snack any time of the day. We cook large batches and spread out across the week or freeze.

45-50 Minutes

Mexican Style Lamb Scotch Eggs

31st July 2013

Most of you now know at Fitter Food we are partial to the odd scotch egg, and why the hell not! When we make them we use top quality ingredients and they are full of nutritional goodness! Nom.

40 Minutes

Moroccan Style Lamb Scotch Eggs

10th June 2013

A fantastic twist on the scotch egg recipe thats on page 142 in our recipe book. We love taking traditional recipes and playing with them a little bit, if you use flavours you know you love it will work. We…

40 Minutes
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