Moroccan style lamb meatball stew with eggs

6th January 2013

We love Moroccan flavours and we love meatballs so this is the perfect combination. Packed with anti inflammatory spices and tender lamb, topping with an egg finishes it off nicely.  It's great served with cauliflower rice but if you are looking for a higher carbohydrate option you could serve with white rice.

Fitter Food: Why you can’t afford NOT to buy it!

14th December 2012

Matt and I have been on a journey. We’re passionate about health and vitality, however, until recently, perhaps a little guilty of focusing too much on exercise and not truly acknowledging the power of nutrition.  Our recipe book Fitter Food details everything we've learnt (the hard way) about transforming your health from the inside out with food.

There Is More To Rehab Than Exercise!

27th September 2012

Ever had an injury? Ever found it to be one of THE most frustrating things in the world? Most of us have been there! When it comes to an injury the thing I hear everyone talking about is rehab, rehab and more rehab, yet their focus when they use such a word tends to be on exercises they can do in order to rehabilitate the injury. Whilst this is hugely important, rehab in my opinion is a 5 pronged approach that includes 1. Exercise 2. Nutrition 3. Supplementation 4. Rest 5. Mindset. Agree? Then keep reading.

Healthy Choices I Made Today

26th September 2012

Throughout our day we're faced with several choices that affect our health.  Here's just a couple of decisions I made in one day that left me feeling great....

There is more to life than bread, chocolate and alcohol.

10th September 2012

We all have our favourite foods, beverages and past times, some are healthier than others but that’s all good. What we do and what we eat has a huge impact on our energy, mood and outlook so it's important we get it right. It's also important that the wrong things don't dictate our emotions.

Hearty Winter Warmer Recipes

6th October 2011

Winter is here and it's time to get some hearty grub down you.  Check out our tasty winter warmers.

Want to burn fat, get strong, have superior energy levels?

7th September 2011

All the time we hear the following excuses "I can't eat well, I just don't have the time, I work late so don't get chance to prepare meals....blah blah blah blah!   There is a simple solution to this, cook more food!  

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