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Fitter Food: Why you can’t afford NOT to buy it!

Matt and I have been on a journey. We’re passionate about health and vitality, however, until recently, perhaps a little guilty of focusing too much on exercise and not truly acknowledging the power of nutrition.  Our recipe book Fitter Food details everything we’ve learnt (the hard way) about transforming your health from the inside out with food.

As personal trainers our diets have never been particularly bad by most standards;  porridge, brown rice, lots of chicken and microwave veg pots. Where it fell down was relying on the convenience of supermarkets and processed foods; everything half cooked, ready chopped, peeled, smothered in a sugar/honey dressing and pumped full of stuff you really don’t want in your body.

A couple of years ago we both ran into some health problems and on reflection can see these were largely due to massive nutrient deficiencies and digestive disorders caused by our diets.  We started to research and study nutrition more in-depth and the impact it has on the body.   Lots of people focus on fat loss and getting lean but it’s more important to take time out to reflect on your body; it’s probably already trying to tell you that something is a miss.  Skin issues, painful joints, brittle nails and hair, constant colds and flu, dark circles under your eyes, wind, bloating and battling to get out of bed in the morning are all signs  you are in need of some more nutrient support. Ignore it and trust me it will definitely bite back at you at some point.

Our modern lifestyles really work against our efforts to be truly health so it’s essential to fill your plate with the most nutrient dense foods that fuel optimal health and metabolism.  Fitter Food will educate you about the healthiest foods you could possibly eat and of course the ones to avoid.  We also guide you though sourcing food to ensure it’s packed with vitamins and minerals and how to cook up some tasty recipes!

The recipes were born out of a need for us (and our clients) to make Fitter Food principles last by ensuring they fit with our busy working lives.  For me personally meals have to be quick and simple. I’m a busy woman with a ‘to do’ list a mile long, I also have a tendency to get home hungry and hoover out the fridge before my dinner is even cooked. Matt, on the other hand,  demands taste and must LOVE what he eats. In the past there have been occasions when our dinner hasn’t been that great (usually steamed fish) and I’ve then caught Matt chomping down half a jar of peanut butter to compensate for the lack of ‘dining experience.’  So it’s important to make sure you are NOT  eating this all week:

…otherwise you will probably find your face in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s by the weekend!  

The recipes in Fitter Food suit us both, they are quick and simple (me) and packed with taste (Matt) – for us now homemade is the new ready meal 🙂 

Our friends, family and clients have joined us on this journey and we’ll be sharing their stories too.  As it all too often comes back to fat loss, the proof is in the (healthier versions of…) pudding. Here are just some of our clients who have thrived on Fitter Food, we cannot praise them enough for their dedication to getting healthy.  There are many more to come:

We put our heart, souls and savings into this book so that we can help make the world a fitter place to be.   We hope you purchase a copy and recommend to everyone you know and wish to be healthy, this isn’t a diet book, it’s how you should eat for the rest of your life!  Buy now.