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5 Ways To Train & Make Fat Loss EASY

Does that title confuse you? I thought it might, so I will explain. You see many people are always looking for the best exercises for fat loss and we have always said that the one you can stick with will always get the best results. When you can find something you really enjoy it almost doesn’t feel like “training” because you love it, time flies by but you get a killer workout at the same time. Winning combo, right?

So where am I going with this blog? Well, I want to share 5 forms of exercise that simply don’t feel like exercise because of the nature of the training itself. 5 things I have done myself and have suggested clients do to increase their movement and calorie output without it feeling like a chore. So check them out and try 5 things you can do to burn body fat and get fantastic results without feeling like you are about to explode.

1) Boxing

I love boxing, have done since I was a kid. I used to do it regularly until I was about 16 then life got in the way. Boxing is great because it’s skill based, hugely demanding, burns a ton of calories but best of all its great fun. Due to the ‘always thinking’ and ‘focused’ nature of the training you have little time to worry about being tired and just simply do it. You don’t even need to risk a broken nose as many clubs do bag work, pad work, circuits with a big focus on technique. So you can reap all the benefits and still keep your looks! I have just started back with a boxing coach and I love it. May even get a few competitive fights in if Keris will let me. Seriously, I already feel fitter for doing it as it’s incredibly demanding of the cardio vascular system.

2) Walking a dog

This is a funny one for me because I never used to be a fan of walking unless there was a real purpose to it but when you get a dog, especially a super fit dog like Hamish, you have to get out and walk twice a day rain or shine. But it really has changed my life. I get out doors so much more than I used to, I have a clearer mind, I am less stressed, I often do sprints with him or do some bodyweight drills whilst he chases squirrels. It’s allowed me to really mix up my training and simply move more, in fact a big walk with Keris and Hamish after a big workout is an ideal recovery method and I love it.

3) Rock climbing

I love rock climbing but just climbing generally. Climbing trees in the park is great way to test the body and put your movement to the test. Much like boxing it’s great fun and because you need to remain focused it’s also very mindful as you need to stay focused on the task in hand. So join a climbing club, test your body in a different way and step away from the gym floor for a change.

4) Tennis or badminton

Both are fantastic ways to move; agility, speed, focus and fitness are required and once again you are completely in the moment and focused, which makes it a great way to stay fit. Badminton is easier to pick up than tennis and great fun, include it in your weekly routine and you will be surprised at just how many calories you will burn.

5) Power lifting

Here you train the big 3; squats, deadlifts and the bench press. To be honest they should make up the foundation of any solid weight training plan but again they need to be executed properly. Invest in a good coach, focus on technique, getting stronger and complementing these lifts with other exercises. We often recommend this to clients, especially women as it diverts focus from calorie burn and fat loss to getting stronger and more efficient. The good news is that they lose body fat too but it’s no longer the primary focus and therefore more rewarding and enjoyable.

So there you have it: 5 things that burn calories, make you feel awesome and are incredibly enjoyable. If nothing else it’s just a great way to shake up your training routine. Question is, what will you try first?

At the moment I am doing the big lifts, incorporating some boxing, walking the dog of course and Keris and I are looking into doing badminton together 🙂