Fat Loss

7 awesome breakfast ideas ready in less than 8 minutes:

We have had a large request for breakfast ideas especially those that can quickly be picked up on the go. We may have lied to you about them all being ready in less than 8 minutes as you can imagine many of these ideas will require preparing the night before but it will go a hell of a long way when you are running round the house getting yourself or the kids ready for the day so please don’t hold it against us. Check them out:

1) Scotch eggs:

Full of quality protein, healthy fats and taste great. Cook these bad boys in advance and in bulk. They are perfect to grab on the go and will keep you going right up until lunch. If you have our book check out page 142 or try this Moroccan style recipe here. Feel free to use different meats such as lamb, beef, turkey or chicken. 


2) Bacon and parsley scramble:

Plan ahead with this one and chop your bacon and beat your eggs the night before. This will literally take less that 4 mins to cook and tastes awesome. 

Pan fry your chopped bacon in a little coconut oil and after a couple of minutes add the egg and a large handful of fresh parsley. Scramble together and serve with half an avocado. 


3) Breakfast burger: 

Again be prepared and cook these in bulk at the weekends. Perfect for eating on the go and providing you with all the nutrients you need to kick start your day. Here is one of the recipes from our book, turkey, chestnut and rosemary burgers:





800g turkey mince

1 egg

2 cloves of garlic crushed or finely chopped

240g tin peeled chestnuts crushed

6 sprigs of fresh rosemary chopped

Pink salt a freshly ground black pepper


 – Pre heat the oven to 180c.

– Place the turkey mince in a large bowl and mix the egg, garlic, chestnuts, rosemary, salt and pepper into it thoroughly using clean hands and make into burger shapes. 

– Place in a baking dish or on a grill tray and cook for 20-25 minutes or until cooked.

 4) Coffee with cream:

When you really do not have time have a coffee with some full fat double cream (ideally untreated) although yeo valley is pretty good too. By adding fat to your coffee you will make it more filling. Or you could add coconut oil instead which is also great. We always have a little pot with us to add to coffee or green tea just in case.

 5) Fried eggs and plantain/banana chips:

Another dish that can be whipped up super quick. Simply cut your plantain/banana into slices or chip shape and pan fry in coconut oil until a little golden on both sides, when almost done fry your eggs in coconut oil too, plate it up and top with a big handful of fresh coriander and you are good to go. Takes less than 5 mins.

6) Indian style omelette: 

Omelettes are awesome anytime of the day and can be whipped up in no time. This recipe is bursting with anti inflammatory flavour. Again prepare your ingredients the night before and you will save yourself even more time in the morning. Check out the recipe here. Works great as an egg loaf  too.



7) Omega balls:

Great way to start your day with some omega 3 fatty acids and an alternative to eggs. Check out the recipe here. These go great with some cherry tomatoes cooked in olive oil and  some fresh basil.


As we said some of these recipes require some preparation but once cooked they are at your disposal and you will be so glad you made them. A big problem many of our clients face is when they get in from work or when they wake up and are ravenous and end up snacking on fruit or a lot of nuts as it’s readily available. Problem is fruit contains fructose and it’s easy to eat a lot and nuts contain omega 6 and again it’s pretty easy to eat a lot. When you have simple recipes like this to make or better still food you have already made to hand not only is it convenient but it’s tasty, nutritionally dense and will leave you far more satisfied.

When it comes to good food and consistency we cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared, planning ahead and always having nutritious food to hand. These recipes mean that healthy food is indeed convenient too.

Enjoy and please get in touch with any questions you may have.