Fat Loss

This is Why You’re Not Getting Results

Our environment and what we have going on around us has a huge impact on our mental health.

Whether it is making sure your kitchen is clean and tidy before food prep, being around positive people who motivate and inspire you daily (as opposed to negative people who moan and put others down), or simply having access to fresh air and green space in our neighbourhood – our daily environment has a huge impact.

So how does your immediate environment affect your fat loss results? More than you might think.

If you are serious about pursuing your health and fat loss goals you need to take a moment to reflect upon whether your environment works for or against them.

A few key changes can make all the difference in creating an environment that allows your mind and body to thrive and power on towards those goals.

Here are some ways you can create the right environment for results:

1. Hang With the Healthy

Remember – Health is who you hang with! This fantastic quote is from the very awesome Paul Watson, a strength coach, mindfulness expert and friend of Fitter Food. I love this quote because it’s absolutely true.

We’ve written about this concept in detail here and discussed the potential for people to radiate or drain us.

So take a minute and have a think – who are the radiators and who are the drains in your own personal environment?

When it comes to work colleagues, friends and to some extent your family, how often do you find that those we spend time with are not in favour of your new journey, or your training, nutrition or lifestyle changes?

How often do they make negative comments and aim to put you down rather than support you and build you up? Sadly it happens far too often and it can be incredibly de-motivating.

Take a moment to assess who radiates you and who drains you, reflect on how much time you spend with each and you’ll probably conclude it might be time to make some changes. Not that we’re advising you to ditch any friend in need of some support, of course, but just ensure you look after yourself as part of the equation.

Furthermore, it’s important that you never take this negativity to heart, this kind of attitude often stems from jealousy that you’re taking action and getting results. Or it may be due to their own insecurity.

Try to balance this out by surrounding yourself with positive people who bring out the best part of your personality and leave you happier, stronger and healthier as an individual.

You can then lead a positive, energetic and successful life and RADIATE the lives of others. Creating a fantastic environment for everyone, BOSH!

Finally, another great quote springs to mind here:

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of, it’s yours”.

2. Epic Kitchen = Awesome Food Prep

Your immediate living environment also has a huge impact on your success and the best example is a clean, tidy, well equipped kitchen.

When it comes to awesome nutrition it’s no secret that preparation is key and at Fitter Food we’re constantly banging on about the fact that most of the food you consume should be cooked by YOU, so you know exactly what’s in it (just awesome ingredients, of course!)

For me personally, it’s important the kitchen is tidy and ready for me to unleash my batch cooking beast. I just can’t prepare food in a messy kitchen, it drives me mad and stresses me out. I always take control of my environment and set the right vibe by cleaning up first.

Equipment is also key to ensure you can cook huge amounts of tasty food very quickly and effortlessly.  This video details my top bits of kitchen equipment that just make the process run smoothly including a decent chopping knife, huge steamer, ceramic non-stick pan and Good Grips peeler.

3. Exercise: an Environment For Energy 

Here’s a real life example of something that happened to me where the environment was perfect for me to succeed. I’m referring to the gym of course, my second home.

Often I like to train early in the morning and get the job done. It starts my day right and it’s usually when I feel most energised. On this particular day I woke up, had a coffee and headed out the door.

Whilst I felt ok, it was actually a Sunday and I was tempted to pick up the papers and turn the car around to head home for a fry up (bacon is my third love in life after Keris and the gym). But I figured I’ll get there and see how I feel.

At the time I was training in an old school, spit and sawdust gym with iron everywhere, which to be honest is just how I like it ☺

I stepped through the gym door and was met by a big heavy rap beat, a busy gym with people training hard, weights clunking, grunting and plenty of sweating. Immediately I felt motivated and excited to get warmed up and lifting. I ended up having an absolute monster of a session and I was buzzing for the entire day.

Now imagine I walked in and Girls Aloud (sorry GA fans) were playing, everyone was chatting and putting off getting started on their workout, it could have been a different story and the bacon would have likely won over the gym session.

Think about where you train and who you train with. Do your sessions excite you? Do you need little motivation once you are there? Do you look forward to entering that space where you will push yourself and move a step closer to your goals and results. It could be mean training outdoors, working with a trainer or choosing a gym that ticks the boxes for you. Whatever it may be ensure it’s an environment of energy for you.

4. Group Support

We all know social media and being online can have a negative impact on our health but at Fitter Food we try to address this by building a strong, supportive, positive online community.

Our community is a place of no judgement and plenty of one team mentality.

One of the biggest reasons our Fitter 365 Membership is so successful is not just because of the awesome recipe ideas, training programmes and learning material – oh no, that’s the easy bit! The clincher is the environment that gets created in the private online Facebook group: this is where we all communicate, banter, help each other, and lay the perfect platform for success.

The environment is full of like minded people, a source of inspiration, help and camaraderie. This is infectious and motivates everyone who participants. So the environment allows for the best results possible.

You can try it out for yourself with a FREE 7 day trial at www.fitter365.com. 

Whilst assessing your training and nutrition plan for optimal fat loss is important, don’t be afraid to assess your environment too as this could be the difference between short-term and long-term success.