Sure Fire Signs Your Diet Isn’t Working

Were you aware that your body communicates with you all the time by sending key messages about its current health and wellbeing? In our book Fitter Food: A Lifelong Recipe for Health and Fat Loss we detail those sure fire signs that your current eating habits aren’t working for you. Many of us not only ignore this crucial feedback but also consider the following warning signs totally normal:

1.  Body fat slowly increasing
Already dreading the thought of the bikini/speedo season looming and eyeing up the fat burners on Holland and Barrett; they don’t work though, do they.

 2. Skin issues such as adult acne, dry skin and eczema
High street stores are laughing as we spend a small fortune on creams, oils and cosmetics to cover up what’s essentially erupting from within.

3. Roller coaster energy levels
A pint size latte from Starbucks is the new SatNav, it’s impossible to get any where without it!

4. Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation and excess wind
We have to take the dog everywhere…. 

Farting A Lot

Many common health issues can be resolved through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. At Fitter Food we help you understand the importance of digestion to help you build a strong foundation for optimal health.  For example, did you know, our gut affects every single system in the body, including our immune response, hormonal communication and our brain biochemistry? 

To start assessing your gut health check out the Fitter Food Good Gut Guide.