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Do You Suffer From Social Guilt?

Do You Suffer From Social Guilt? Matt & Keris on Holiday in Germany

I’ve realised lately that I’ve suffered a lot over the last few years from something I call “social guilt”

Quite simply a sense of guilt when I take time out to see friends.

It’s meant I have rarely allowed myself to hang out with pals, I bailed last minute or showed up for the shortest amount of time.

It wasn’t because I didn’t care or LOVE my friends immensely but simply because I’d be racked with guilt about the things I SHOULD be doing instead.

All my responsibilities came first, they also dominated my thoughts and interfered with my ability to switch off, fully engage, and enjoy myself when I was socialising.

So I often thought what’s the point 🤷‍♀️

It’s the same if you’re a parent, a carer of any sort, have career demands or academic commitments or even with exercise… anything that requires you to invest huge amounts of mental and physical energy and dedication.

All can lead you to lose perspective along the way and easily slip into suffering from social guilt.

But the real issue here is believing that social time is a luxury when it’s not.

It’s a necessity for your health and sanity.

A dose of good chat and a laugh is a break from the serious stuff and your daily worries. Or a chance to share these and get outside your own head.

It’s a highly effective form of self-care 🤝

So I’m making a conscious effort to make (and keep) plans with friends these days and when the social guilt kicks in, I remind myself the right company is restorative 🥰

If you struggle with the same when the invites appear, remember that time out now with your mates will mean you can return to life’s responsibilities full of (coffee) beans, stronger and ready to get back to it.

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