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Is This Wrecking Your Health?

A few weeks ago in the park, Hamish squatted, ready to have a #2. I stood ready, poo bag in hand.

He then got distracted, changed his mind and pottered off.

I didn’t want people to think I was an irresponsible dog owner so, much to Matts’s amusement, I bent down and picked up an invisible poop.

Keris - Dog PooI even tied the bag and walked on, visibly displaying non-existent poop in an empty bag, just in case anyone doubted me.

Totally nuts, I know.

But this highlights a common, health-zapping problem we all struggle with at times.

Constantly worrying what others think of us. 

It can easily alter your decisions, actions and focus across your day.

It creates complications, adds to your (already too busy) task list and may lead to the invention of unnecessary responsibilities.

I really don’t have time to masquerade picking up dog poop, especially as Hamish was already delivering the actual goods a few feet away.

I’m making light of this, but I genuinely see it as a big problem, especially in a work capacity, on social media, in friendship groups, in relationships and anywhere there’s potential to be judged.

The mental stress it causes is exhausting and anxiety inducing. 

To add another layer of ridiculousness, most of the time we’re inventing the thoughts of others, usually based on the way we criticise ourselves.

It’s unlikely people are even thinking about you, they’re too busy worrying about what people think about them😆

The danger here is how this worry really starts to impact your health.

I’ve had clients tell me they…

  • Don’t join a gym or exercise class because of a fear about what people think
  • Won’t refuse food they know doesn’t work for them because of the risk of offending others
  • Don’t have time for a walk, yoga or food prep because putting these before work deadlines and family responsibilities involves letting people down 

They’re sacrificing what makes them healthy, happy, comfortable and successful to fit in with (a possibly fictional) definition of what they should be doing to please others.

It would be much more beneficial to focus on what you think of yourself.

My advice?

Build up your self-esteem and confidence to ACCEPT you’ll never please everyone.

MOVE ON from potential negative thoughts that may creep in each day.

Focus on CREATING a lifestyle that supports your health and wellbeing.

You get one life, make the most of it.

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