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A couple of two weeks ago I woke up with that razor blade feeling in my throat. Not wishing to be a wimp I powered on with my day but skipped the morning run you’ll be pleased to hear. Over the following few days, I woke up feeling the same but I had some work commitments I had to fulfil so I kept showing up thinking I’d shake off this bug. However, I didn’t so eventually decided to give my immune system the support it required to help it deal with situation and get me back to normal.

Immune Support Essentials

If you start with a sniffle, achy joints, sore throat, digestive issues or headache here’s six essential steps to help you team up with your immune system and give it the resources needed to fight the good fight:

1. STOP working, ditch any plans and definitely stop exercising as soon as possible.

2. Prioritise mental and physical REST and of course sleep. Stay at home and away from further infections.

3. FAST (even just for 12-16hrs) to give your immune system the energy it needs to focus on the fight.

4. If your symptoms are not an emergency (call 111 if unsure) TRY some natural remedies and eat nutritiously as a first line approach.

5. If things aren’t improving SEEK medical advice. The reassurance, support and relief knowing you have outsourced the problems to a professional can transform your state of mind. Remember your emotional health can support the healing process too, anxiety and stress can raise hormones like cortisol which suppresses immune function.

6. Focus on some daily immune support by reading your body and adapting your nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset when necessary. REMEMBER, physical and emotional stress will suppress immune function, sleep and rest nourish it.

We have more suggestions in this article here that you can get started with.

And if you do fall ill at any point I highly recommend watching the Cold Feet reruns on Netflix, they go great with a batch of homemade FITTER collagen fudge. Recipe here.

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