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The One Thing Investing and Fat Loss Have in Common

1st March 2018

I’m no Warren Buffett but I do have a very small investment portfolio (ok it's tiny but it's a start) and I enjoy reading books and articles etc to help me grow that portfolio and get a good return on my investment. Well that’s certainly the plan at least.

10 Foods To Help You Lose Weight & Feel Awesome

21st September 2015

So, with this title you might be thinking that I'm going to suggest green tea (ramps up metabolism), celery (more calories to digest than it contains), coconut oil (it's fat burning y'know) and as much as I'd like to believe dipping celery into a bulletproof green tea might help your waistline, I'm yet to find anyone to do this on a daily basis, but feel free to give it a go. In actual fact, the foods I'm about to recommend have a more indirect effect on your body composition, mood, energy and vitality by feeding your gut flora.

Fitter Guide To Baking Part 1: Flour

17th August 2015

The Great British Bake Off is back and we have already witnessed the black forest gateaux disaster, drooled over Mary’s frosted walnut layer cake and then got uber excited when we remembered how awesome it is to dunk biscotti in your cappuccino. Have you tried our BOSH Biscotti yet?

What I Ate Today And Why

10th August 2015

Call me nosey but I’m always fascinated to find out what people are eating, it often inspires me to make more positive changes within my own nutrition and offers some new, yummy ideas. Of course if it’s a trainer or nutritionist I’m even more intrigued to see how they implement the information they teach on a daily basis! I thought I would share with you what a typical menu looks like for me in the Fitter Food household, along with some details on why I make those choices. I’ve also shared my supplement regime.

Common Hormonal Complications

20th July 2015

How frequently have you said “it must be my hormones!” because I hear this pretty often from clients, friends and family. We talk about our hormones like they’re some separate entity ticking away inside of us with a mind of their own, completely outside our control. In fact, hormones are actually taking most of their direction from our senses and feedback signals from our environment. A single thought experienced by you can initiate a cascade of hormones. Here is a guide to understanding hormone health and an overview of some common complications that can occur.

Win Tickets to Pure Taste Restaurant Launch

29th October 2014

Listeners to our podcast may remember way back in 2013 (episode 7) we featured Holly Redman, an expert nutritionist, who was raising funds (via KickStarter) to open the UK's first gluten-free and paleo-friendly restaurant. 

Going Gluten Free

3rd September 2014

We get lots of enquiries about digestive health and many requesting further information about gluten free nutrition and under what circumstances it is really necessary. We truly believe most people benefit from limiting if not completely avoiding gluten. The best thing to do is read up on the essential information and make your own decision, our guide to gluten should help you here.

5 Awesome, Easy, Healthy Desserts

3rd April 2014

Here at Fitter Food we totally understand that every now and then you might need some 'pleasure' foods in your life - who doesn't! Now you don't need to destroy your healthy efforts at the same time with our 5 awesome, easy, healthy desserts!   These desserts are designed to give you a little of what you fancy without destroying your waistline.  Got your own healthy desserts you'd like to share? Tweet us @fitter_food 

Cracking Coconut Cake

28th September 2011

Did you know during the French Revolution when they ran out of flour for bread Marie Antoinette said “Qu'ils mangent de la brioche” (let them eat cake!) what a great lady, she knew about coconut cake all along!

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