Keris’ Black Friday Buys

Keris and Hamish Black Friday

It’s that time of year again where your eyes light up at the thought of a bargain on Black Friday.

Over the last couple of years I’ve really started to think twice about how I spend my money and engage in consumerism.

I now ask myself the following 5 questions before making a purchase:

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Should I be investing something more beneficial to my health?
  3. Will this still be useful in several months or years’ time?
  4. What is the environmental impact of this purchase?
  5. Could I buy something that helps to plant the seed of a brighter future for humans and the planet?

The following options fit the criteria above by having a positive impact on you, your health and the planet so I thought I’d get them on your radar ready for any Black Friday spending sprees.

💪🏼 Invest In A Strong Humans Hoodie 

I’m biased of course, but Matt’s sustainable clothing brand ticks all the boxes that make me press Purchase Now.

Not only are all the items made in Fairwear factories using organic and recycled materials, you’re also joining a community of inspirational human beings who care about each other and the planet.

The Strong Humans Club Compilation

The quality is awesome so the hoodies and hats keep you snug for a winter walk or workout. It also doubles up as a cape that gives you the strength to face whatever life throws at you.

There’s 30% off all hoodies this Friday. The Retro Collection are my personal faves, the 80’s vibe never fails to brighten up my day. Make sure you’re on Matt’s mailing list for all the details of the offer. 









🌱 Buy From B Corp Certified Companies 

Certified B Corporations are companies that strike a balance between purpose and profit with a significant focus on sustainability. Every business decision is made taking into consideration any potential impact on employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and environment.

Spending money with B Corp companies is a win for your wellbeing as many seek to be a force for positive change when it comes to consumer habits. They provide products that not only support your health but also use organic, sustainable sourcing methods and promote recycling to minimise environmental impact. A healthier planet = healthier humans.

My favourite B Corps include Wild Nutrition, Weleda, Little Soap Company, Who Gives A Crap and Invivo Healthcare.

🤘🏽 Grab Some Heavy Metal 

Everyone needs exercise in their life, as we age it becomes more important to focus on building muscle and using weight bearing exercise to support bone density and metabolic health.

Purchasing some kettlebells or dumbbells for home use is a great shout. If you’re ever short on time, self-isolating or tied to child care duty you can still factor in a short, effective, full body workout.

Keris Kettlebell Squat

An investment that transforms your energy and mindset in minutes, the equipment lasts forever, requires no energy input (except yours) and will support your future health for decades. We buy from Wolverson.

Matt’s Kettlebell plan is down to £20 for Black Friday and gives great structure to your home workouts. Check it out here.

FF KB Plan Product Image

💷 Chuck Some Cash At Charity Shops 

Why not head out and spend a few hours trekking around the Charity shops on Black Friday. With Covid changing lifestyles significantly everyone seems to have had a wardrobe clearout after lock down. This means there’s some great bargains to be had.

Not only will you get a cardio fix by clocking up some steps, you’ll be stopping clothing ending up in landfill and donating to a worthy cause. I spotted a lovely fur coat in the window of Mind this morning, still trying to figure out if I really need it and if I will be wearing it in 10yrs time, I think the answer is yes! *RUNS BACK THERE*

🩸Pay to Prevent With Private Blood Tests 

I often encourage clients, friends and family to consider setting aside some money to run regular health MOT’s with private blood tests. These tests can flag up signs of health issues way before they become a more complicated (and potentially expensive) issue.

Private companies like Medichecks are offering brilliant deals over Black Friday. Always opt for venous blood draw (not finger prick) for greater accuracy and find providers that use the highest testing standards from UKAS accredited laboratories.

Medichecks Well Woman Test

I recommend the Advanced Well Woman/Man Tests as a great all round test that includes metabolic health, inflammation, hormones and nutrients like vitamin D and active B12.