Fat Loss

The Fastest Route To Fat Loss

Fat loss, fat loss, fat loss. Probably the answer to so many peoples question when you ask “what is your health goal”. Well that’s cool because losing body weight can be a good thing, especially if you have excess body fat to lose and you want to look and feel better. However, here’s why the fastest route to fat loss isn’t always the best route.

Fit Festival Matt and KerisAs a company it’s our job to guide people on a journey to optimal body composition, health and vitality, but all too often people want to speed the journey up, cut corners, go hell for leather to reach their final destination as quick as possible. Is it possible to lose body fat quickly? Sure it is. Is it the preferred approach by Fitter Food? Most definitely not. Because we don’t want people to lose a load of weight and then pile it on gain, oh no. We want people to lose body fat, love the process and – are you ready for this – keep the excess fat off long-term!

Many clients I have worked with haven’t had a previous issue losing the weight but it’s when they have to keep it off that problems surface and all of a sudden they are back where they started and then some. Which says to me clear as day that whilst the plan they followed got results it’s not the right approach for them. Why? Because they couldn’t stick to it long-term.

For me it’s a classic case of too much too soon. So, I have a story for you, it involves a long drive from London to Edinburgh but hear me out because it’s relevant, I promise!
Edinburgh to London Fit FestivalNow this was a 7+ hour journey not including stops so it was a pretty long way. My car is pretty good on fuel so I could have gotten there with just the one fuel stop, on that stop I could have just fuelled up, paid and got on my way again as quickly as possible. This would have allowed me to get there in the fastest time possible, of course assuming traffic was good to me. But would this have been the most effective way to get there?

  • The journey would have been incredibly boring with no stops.
  • I would be knackered during the drive, not to mention at the other end.
  • I wouldn’t feel overly enthused about the drive back.
  • The journey would be pretty horrendous and no fun at all.
  • I would feel crap and probably pretty grouchy after such a long drive.

So as you’ve probably guessed, this is not what I chose to do. Instead I allowed for an extra couple of hours to get there so there was plenty of time for coffee and food stops and no sense of being rushed.

Therefore it became an enjoyable road trip. Keris and I had lots to talk about, we sang karaoke in the car, larged it to some classic old school tunes, stopped off for coffee and food breaks when we felt like it and we loosened our legs off with a few squats to get the blood flowing again.

We still got to the end destination, all be it later than if we went hell for leather all the way there, but we still got there. Most importantly we got there feeling good, energized, excited about seeing the city again and getting out for a long walk before the weekends presentations kicked off.

I believe the same mentality should be applied to fat loss. A slower, steadier approach will not only be more realistic, enjoyable and do-able but it is sustainable. This is the most important word here. Sustainable.

The goal is the same but to get there you need pit stops, smaller mile stones to aim for as well as the right mindset so you can be prepared to take a diversion. Let’s face it, sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t go the most direct route. We can be plagued with road works, accidents, diversions, etc. which mean we either need to wait it out or find an alternative route.

Matt DrivingI don’t know about you, but if I’m stuck in heavy traffic and I know a different way to get somewhere, but it takes longer, I don’t mind. I much prefer to be moving than staying still. I’m cool with it because it still makes for a more pleasant ride than being stuck in traffic listening to horns beeping, people shouting and have my stress levels rising.

If there was the option to travel to Edinburgh along a really rough, bumpy and nut bashing road that would get me there in half the time it took to drive along a smooth road with no bumps, I would take the longer route for obvious reasons.

So the moral of the story? Well, I’m glad you asked.


  • Don’t just think what’s the fastest route, think what’s the most pleasant route that increases your chances of getting there in a good state.
  • Big goals need pit stops. It’s a fact. It’s more achievable this way, not to mention more enjoyable and it allows for you to adapt if required.
  • You want to feel amazing when you get to your goal not run down, lethargic, battered and bruised.

So think of that end goal, break it down and take it a step at a time. Your body, both inside and out, will thank you.

I have spoken to too many people who have achieved their goal and then not been there 5 minutes before things go to shit because their car is wrecked (metabolism) and things just are not that exciting anymore. Pit stops allow you to enjoy the journey, assess where changes need to be made to continue progressing and it’s a more realistic target to travel 2 hours before stopping than 5. Pit stops are also a great way to remain accountable. At Fitter Food we believe accountability is key, which is why we make such a big deal of it with our one-to-one clients and online group clients. It’s the biggest aspect of whether someone gets results or not.

Yours for the journey,


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