How long before the Olympic and Paralympic inspiration wears off?

There has been so much hype since the Olympics and Paralympic games and rightly so, those guys are awesome and a true inspiration to all of us. Many are claiming how inspired they have been and are looking at getting involved with training, sport or just starting some new activities. I think this is fantastic however I am concerned it’s just new years resolutions all over agin. I can’t help but assume the inspiration and good intentions will just fade away and die a death within the next month, if that.


Feeling inspired is an amazing feeling however it is nothing without action. Can you imagine telling your grandchildren “I spent my whole life feeling inspired but I never done anything about it” just doesn’t sound too impressive does it? We all find inspiration in different things be it sport, the gym, business or even our diet but what’s important is that we act on it. Better to try and fail than to not try at all.

The main point here though is why it seems inspiration to move and live a healthier life seems to fade away oh so quickly. Why? Why do we need to feel inspired to be healthy? It is something that continues to boggle me as I cant understand why anyone needs to be convinced into living an energetic, active, healthy and long life. Still, we all have our opinions. People often talk about their intensions but you need to take action and I say that time is now, like right now, not next week, not the beginning of next month but right this second (well once you’ve finished reading the blog of course). Use that inspiration from the awesome athletes from both games to become a better version of you. I am not suggesting you have to become a gold medalist in 2016 nor am I implying you have to take up an Olympic sport but I am urging you to start moving or being more consistent with your training regime or simply cleaning your diet up.  Whatever it is just do something before the inspiration fade’s and your left waiting until the 1st of Jan before you embark on anything else.

I am no angel and I skip workouts at times, I eat some crap food here and there and I certainly don’t always get enough sleep but something I have not been anywhere near disciplined enough with is my back rehab program. It’s boring but it was something I knew needed to be done if I was to get better. I was supposed to do it everyday, I didn’t, I intended on it but I didn’t take action and it was not improving at the rate I would like. That said whilst the Olympics was on I felt overwhelmed with inspiration but equally frustrated with my own poor and lazy attitude towards fixing my back problem. I told myself that “it may not be the most exciting thing in the world but if it makes me better I will be over the moon and it will all be worth it”. So I have done it everyday for the last 3 weeks and guess what? It’s getting better and feels awesome, like really awesome. As you can imagine when you can see something improving it motivates you to continue. There were days when I was tired and was thinking of all the reasons why I could to give it a miss. Be it too much work to do, I was tired, I was hungry BUT I was far more tired of the pain and discomfort and I new if I didn’t act I had no reason to be fed up with the issue as I chose not to do anything about it. Not only am I 50% better than I was I am really pleased with the level of discipline I have shown. 

What you do now is up to you, I mean some who read this may be happy with their current routine, others may not have felt inspired at all but for those of you who did, those who were saying how they were going to do this or that, DO IT. Make a note of the things you felt inspired to do and put them into action. Here are mine, and what I done about it.

  • Do my back rehab and trigger point therapy everyday: I have.
  • Start playing basketball: I now play 1-2 times a week.
  • Eat a 100% clean diet for 8 weeks: So far so good.
  • No alcohol for 8 weeks: Again so far so good.
  • Start swimming: Have not started yet due to a shoulder injury which I have an operation for this coming Sunday. 

As you can see the above are not crazy out of this world goals nor are they unrealistic but they are my goals and I have been productive in achieving them and I feel really good about it. Now, what’s yours?

No more excuses people, take action today and incorporate the discipline required to succeed, it’s easier and far more rewarding than you think.