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Keris and Hamish at the Beach

I just celebrated my 44th birthday.

It makes me so sad that I have spent many of those years trying to look like and be someone else.

Trying to change my stomach, my teeth, my hair, my running PBs… the list goes on.

I didn’t like the person I was so I ate less, but then I ate too much.

I trained too little but then I trained too much.

I spent hours and hours researching solutions, finding ways to hide things, fix my faults and control people’s perceptions of me.

Today in my 40’s I’m more comfortable in my skin than ever before.

It’s taken a while and I still have my wobbles of course, but I have never felt more aware of who I am and what I have to offer.

A big part of my journey was education.

It enabled me to understand that low self-esteem and body image issues are often routed in something deeper.

Empowering myself with the knowledge of what constitutes a nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle and the nourishment my body needs plays a big part in giving me the confidence to stop screwing it over with negative thoughts, diets and overtraining.

Here are some of the things I believe got me to this FITTER place where I can eat and exercise intuitively and trust my instincts more.

  • LET go of ideals and perfection. YOU will never achieve them because YOU will change the boundaries.
  • Find a partner who thinks the sun SHINES from you because it does.
  • STOP comparing yourself and start congratulating others on their successes in life.
  • Be EMPATHETIC but don’t take on the world’s troubles, look after yourself in the process before you’re no good to anyone.
  • Be PATIENT with your body and take time to listen to its feedback.
  • ALWAYS go with your gut, which will be packed with friendly, trustworthy bacteria if you follow Fitter Food.
  • IGNORE the pressure to do and be more, focus on doing what makes your heart sing.
  •  “HEALTH is about who you hang with” (a quote from our good friend Paul Watson). Run this statement as a reality check now and then.
  • At some point every day stop and BREATHE some life back into your body. Watch your belly rise and fall and know that you’re changing your biochemistry instantly. Suddenly you realise what just happened doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.
  • When the going gets tough turn the MUSIC up loud... and dance!

I hope these speak to you as they do to me because I believe they are key to a truly happy and healthy life.

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