Radiators and Drains: Spend Your Time Wisely

Throughout life you come across all kinds of people, different in many ways yet often they fall into two very important categories in terms of how you’re left feeling after your time together.  We refer to them as “radiators” or “drains.”  Taking a moment to decipher who you spend most of your time with can make a big difference to your own health.

DSC_0168We surround ourselves with people on a daily basis and some make us feel great.  We look forward to seeing them because we know we’ll have a laugh, some good chat and time will fly because we love being around them.  Sadly this can’t be said for everyone we spend time with.  There are people in our lives that zap us of all positivity, often because they wish to off load their misery, anger and frustration on you, people who make a living out of moaning meaning that your time together feels like hard work!  Sometimes we do this to the detriment of our health.  We’re so busy spreading ourselves amongst people that often leave us feeling deflated and drained.

Take a moment to assess who radiates you and who drains you, reflect on how much time you spend with each and you’ll probably conclude it might be time to make some changes.  Not that we’re advising you to ditch any friend in need of some support and a good old mate to hang out with but just ensure you look after yourself in this equation and friendship. 

Who is a Radiator?


Radiators are people who give off warm, comforting vibes.  You enjoy hanging out with them and your time together is real and genuine, they resonate energy and positivity.  They make you feel great about yourself, inspire you, believe in you, have all the right words to say and you never fail to look forward to seeing them. Time spent with radiators is split 50:50, neither one of you bombards or overwhelms the other with an endless dialogue about yourself or demands of any sort. Radiators motivate us to succeed in life, encourage us to drive towards our goals and support us whatever our chosen journey may hold. Importantly, radiators are happy for us when we’re happy, there is no envy, jealousy or selfish resentment just a pleasure in sharing our success. Radiators are simply AWESOME

These are the people we should prioritise in our life and spend as much time with as possible. Radiators leave us happier, stronger, healthier individuals that allow us to lead a positive, energetic and successful life and enable us to RADIATE the lives of others. 

What are Drains?

Keris SulkingDrains are the kind of people that often respond negatively to positivity.

Whilst you always want to help out a mate in need you know if the conversation started this way it’s likely you continue on from there.   Drains are rarely happy for your success, and instead respond with something like “oh its alright for you ……” Drains need constant reassurance and will often dominate a conversation with insecurities such as weight issues yet 3 days later they’re waving a pint at you from Facebook.  Drains are often keen to push their lack of self belief and esteem on you and try to be infectious with their negative thoughts, possibly as a means of making themselves feel better.  

Drains are are quite simply draining to be around, they lack enthusiasm and question yours. These are the people that you may need to minimise time with.  Do your best to help and radiate them but if spending time with someone affects your confidence, momentum, energy and motivation it’s no good thing, life can be tough enough without supposed friends bringing you down. 

Disclaimer – We know life is not always straight forward and everyone has their moments when things get too much and we need a leg up; a radiator to get us out of that rut.  But ideally this should be a transient state because all the social interaction in our life allows us to thrive and we’re spending time with family and friends who love us and wish to see us smile and lead long and happy lives.  

So take a moment to think of how you split your time and make sure the radiators are up there  🙂