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TWO Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

I have TWO important questions for you. A fundamental part of your health revolves around the relationships in your life. Those you spend the most time with are of course some of the most important. Now that science has established the links between your nervous, immune and hormone systems it’s clear that how you feel changes your biology, relationships significantly alter your dominant emotions and therefore your health.

Negative thought patterns kick start inflammatory processes, which is a catalyst for all chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

As you likely know a vicious cycle can begin whereby your state of mind also changes the choices you make regarding food and exercise, not to mention disrupts the quality and duration of your sleep.

This adds more inflammation to the inflammation.

Relationships have a HUGE impact on your emotional well-being and therefore your physical well-being.

It’s something we’re very conscious of and lots of people ask us how we manage to run a business as a couple and spend SO MUCH time together yet still get on so well.

We’d be lying if we said it hasn’t had it’s challenges at times. In the past we’ve been guilty of taking our stresses out on each other and blaming each other when stuff hits the fan.

Throwing ourselves into a business was a big change for our relationship, I imagine starting a family, moving house or starting a new career brings similar challenges, it frequently derailed both of us, often at different times.

We’ve always been a great team, it was the foundation of our relationship from the start, neither of us sits about leaving the other to cope alone, but as our work pressures snow balled some bad habits crept in, including a lack of kindness, snapping at one another and taking each other for granted.

With more experience and finding our groove, like any aspect of health, we’ve got better at supporting our relationship with practise, not letting the challenges change the priorities.

We also now know each others vulnerabilities well and the default beliefs that kick in when times get tough.

We talk through them together and help each other to establish that these are not truths, they are often just fears.

We walk each other through our failures, often literally, trainers go on and we head outdoors to discuss how we can learn from the experience, not be defined by it.

We never stop believing in one another’s potential and every single day strive to bring out the best in each other so we can achieve it.

When things are really hard, we make one another laugh, always.

We don’t have much time for date nights right now but hugs, kind gestures, messages and small gifts are a plenty and make for lots of daily date moments instead.

Just like other aspects of health you can fall into negative habits with your relationships so take a moment to reflect on the following two questions :

☝️ Are you spending time with the right people, who love, respect, encourage, admire, support and motivate you?

✌️ Are YOU behaving in a way that communicates love, respect, encouragement, admiration, support and motivation to those you care about?

And whatever you do just keep talking, we never stop talking as you can probably tell