Two Things Love Island Taught Me

In the last three days I’ve received a couple of emails from industry folk rolling their eyes about Love Island. Meanwhile I have a confession, I love Love Island. I’m late to the party and currently working my way through previous series on Netflix. I dived in out of curiosity to see what the fuss was about and 35 hours later I got it.

1) Power Of Fun And Feel Good TV

Matt and Keris Happy, Healthy, Relaxed

What I discovered is that a Love Island fix had a vitamin like effect. I spend most of my day trying to get my head around nutrition science, Facebook algorithms, wading through the emotional complications of others and lots of serious stuff. 

To land on the sofa each evening and lose myself for an hour in some good old banter, buffness and just watch people falling in love provided the perfect escape for me.

It took me back to when I first met Matt, not just because of the bulging pecs lol, but also those those carefree times where life revolved around dates, intense conversations about feelings, the chemistry, the flirting and sharing bags of pick ‘n’ mix after a night out prior to running a business together.

Our business is our passion and purpose so we wouldn’t change a thing, however, Love Island has reminded me we could definitely have more fun along the way. In the meantime a dose of feel good TV can provide that daily escape, as and when you need it. 

2) These Are Real Health Hijackers

At first I felt a little guilty about taking time out to watch Love Island, in fact when we launched our business I didn’t set aside much time to do anything that made me smile, relax or lift my mood. This combination is a real health hijacker.

There are close connections between your thought process, immune system and hormones. It’s referred to as the neuro-endocrine immune system which means that negative thoughts are likely to promote inflammatory processes in the body, disrupt blood sugar regulation and wreck the quality and duration of your sleep.

Meanwhile Love Island is likely (in my experience) to increase happy hormones like oxytocin. Also known as the love hormone, it surges when you see something that connects with your emotions, it’s released when you fall in love, bond or see something you care about.

What’s awesome is it reduces anxiety, buffers the negative effects of stress and therefore will dampen down inflammatory processes in the body. This means hugs, films, friends and a dose of slobbery kisses from your dog can be medicinal. 

Watching Love Island you find yourself almost bonding with the contestants as you get to know their strengths and vulnerabilities. You laugh along with the banter and practical jokes, not to mention see the blokes cry, shave their legs and powder their noses…who knew?! 

The music is cheesy and uplifting, the enduring connections develop through personality, chemistry and a sense of humour not six packs and biceps, everyone looks rough in morning and there’s a lot of laugh out loud moments, Cara farting in series 3 is up there. 

Matt’s a big fan too and since watching it together we’ve ended our days talking about love, laughter, chemistry and human nature…it’s all just nice. 

So next time someone rolls their eyes at your Love Island habit tell them you’re getting involved in the name of health and happiness and ask them not to disturb you for the next hour.