Train Because You Love Your Body

“Train because you love your body, not because you hate it!”

I came across this awesome piece of advice recently and I instantly loved and related to it. It’s so true that when it comes to hitting the gym or getting your trainers on for a run, it can often be linked to negative motivations including the following:

  • I’m fat
  • I have a saggy bum
  • I’ve eaten too much
  • I’m SO unfit

Whilst sometimes a bit of truth can light a fire beneath your saggy backside 😉 to make and sustain positive change means breaking this negative link. If these are the sentiments behind your training it means you’re not enjoying what you do, you’re not motivated or excited about exercise, and are doing it because you feel you HAVE to.

We like our Fitter Foodies to focus on a more positive approach to their training routine and implement positive goals, including:

  • I want to get stronger
  • I want to feel confident
  • I want to get fitter
  • I’m doing this because I LOVE it and it makes me feel awesome

The outcome will be the same but the journey will be different if you focus on making it a positive experience as opposed to one based on negative emotions and self-loathing. Don’t dwell on where you are right now but rather where you want to be. Training should always be about enjoyment, self-improvement and it should happen because you want to invest in and nourish your body.

Training should also NOT be a result of a few poor nutrition choices you made at the weekend or on a night out with pals. Let’s get one thing straight – you cannot out-train a bad diet so don’t waste time undoing the weekend’s shenanigans by beasting yourself with extra gym sessions. Again, this is a negative focus.

So here are my 3 simple tips to make your training routine progressive, enjoyable, and rewarding:

1) Start With Why

Put some performance-based goals in place. For example, a squat weight, running distance, enter a race, or commit to learning a new training skill. Sign up for a type of online-training you know you’re likely to enjoy if it’s dancing check out some Zumba classes if it’s boxing then book in some boxing sessions (socially distanced of course). Write down a couple of positive (not fat loss orientated) goals and stick them on the fridge.

2) Keep A Training Log

I have said this many times but always keep a training log. The reason is simple, in order for training to be enjoyable and rewarding it needs to be progressive. When you can see and feel a difference it’s hugely motivating and keeping a log to track exercises, reps, weights, sets, rest, etc allows you to gauge what’s working, where you are improving, and where things may need shaking up a little. Plus when you have a benchmark you know how you can up your game, be it an extra rep, heavier weights, reduced rest, or an extra set, progress is progress.

3) Mix Things Up

Variety is the spice of life as they say and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to training. Of course, too much variety will inhibit progress as you’re not allowing enough time to adapt. We find changing up a weekly workout routine every 3 weeks is something that has worked really well for our clients from both results and mentally stimulating perspectives. Not drastic change but just mixing up the order a little, changing the rep range slightly, time under tension, and the number of sets you do for example.

There is no better feeling than when you love your training, your food and you’re seeing the rewards for doing so. Remember you are doing those things to become the best version of you. You are taking action, which is a massive POSITIVE step. Train for the right reasons and the returns will be so much more rewarding.

A closing note on progress. If you are seeing a lack of progress both in performance and aesthetically then there is a good chance change is required. Often this usually involves more rest and some nutrition tweaks, usually more carbs ☺

So listen to that body of yours, it knows what it’s talking about. Well, unless it’s always asking for doughnuts that is!

If you’re looking for help putting together a training programme or need some nutrition coaching checkout our brand new membership site Fitter 365, packed with meal plans, training videos, workouts and cheat sheets to hep you personalise Fitter Food to your own personal needs and goals.

There’s also an awesome community of like-minded individuals to hang out with every day and get support, guidance and motivation to help you succeed in all your health goals and LOVE every minute of it.