Our Favourite Ways To Fuel Festival Fun

Festival season is in full swing and we LOVE them because they’re an epic combo of all our favourite things; live music, dancing, comedy, food, hanging outdoors, camping and having a good laugh with pals. We always take a Fitter pack-up along for the journey and so that we don’t waste too much time in any queues when we arrive. Check out our top choices to fuel your festival antics or other summer time fun.

1. Homemade Energy Bars

Choc and Sea Salt Energy BarsThe cool thing about making your own energy or protein bars is you can ensure only good quality ingredients go into them and you add nutrients that will help buffer the late night and odd beer you might consume 😉 Adding in some healthy fats and protein will also ensure you keep energy levels stable which means you can keep busting those moves well into the early hours. Try our Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Energy BarsFitter Flapjacks or Chocolate Orange Protein Bars. You can always experiment with different flavours and add your own combinations of nuts, died fruit, spices, sweeteners and flavoured protein powders.

2. Fitter Trail Mix

Naked Trail Mix 2We’re big fans of trail mix, it’s tasty, popular with pals and kids, nutritious and fun developing different flavours. A good base is coconut flakes, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. We’ve also put together creations with chunks of dark chocolate, chopped up protein or fruit bars (e.g. Nakd or Pulsin bars), puffed rice or a paleo granola mix. Our favourite website for ingredients and inspiration is Nature’s Health Box.

3. Scotch Eggs

DSC_1112A Fitter Food classic that goes down a storm any day of the year but pack a dozen of these in a cool box for your festival adventures and we promise when the munchies kick in you’ll be chuffed to sink your teeth into one of these bad boys. Easy to eat on the go (whilst holding a bottle beer …maybe?!) delicious and filling they’re just perfect festival fodder. We have something to suit everyone including Mexican style, English BreakfastMoroccan StyleTurkey, chestnut and Cranberry. Our latest recipe is also a cracker Bacon, Cheese and Onion BOSH!

4. Dark Chocolate Anything

Dark Choc MnMsEating some high cocoa (70-90%) dark chocolate and adding nuts, coconut, seeds, dried fruit, protein powder or ground almonds and moulding into bars or balls is a great energising, antioxidant fix. Try the following

Chocolate Crunchie Protein Bar

Dark Chocolate MnM’s

Aprichoc Balls

Coffee and Walnut Brownie Bites

Cookie Dough Bites

5. Snacks That Last

Keris CampingIf you want to have a stash of food to keep in your tent or car, it’s a good idea to have some non-perishable pre-packaged snacks that will be there for the morning after the night before or to keep you going on the journey home. A couple of our favourites include:

– Big T’s Jerky (Jump into Fitter 365 as our member’s get 10% off)

– Oatcakes with nut butter and some Tastee Raw Greek Honey

– Bananas

– Protein bars e.g. Pulsin Bars, Bounce Balls or Reflex R Bars

– Tinned fish in olive oil or tomato sauce (ok highly unlikely as a hangover cure but we thought we’d try!)

– Dried fruit and nuts

– Coconut flakes, we love these Ape Snacks Coconut Curls

If you like what you see and like us just LOVE tasty food, be sure to grab a copy of our latest recipe book on sale now to #fuelyourawesome this summer.