Post Holiday Health Reboot: Fat Loss in 42

We’re incredibly excited to announce our post summer Fat Loss in 42 Plan launches on 22 September; after a few months indulging in ice cream, al fresco vino’s and a few too many bowls of chips this could be exactly what you need! This plan goes beyond just telling you what to eat and how to train, it offers a full educational programme packed with information about nutrition and lifestyle choices that bring out the best in you! 

What is Fat Loss in 42? 

Fat Loss in 42 is a tailored 6 week fat loss plan offering weekly meal plans and webinars to guide you through the essentials on health, fat loss and performance, including:

  • Eliminate and Energise: Discover how to make nutrition ultimately work for YOU
  • Digestion: Learn how nutrition is not just about what you eat but more about what you ABSORB
  • Hormone Balancing: Understand how to get these fat burning friends on your side and make weight loss sustainable.
  • Anti Inflammatory Foods: Find out how to use the power of nutrition to treat injuries, pain and fatigue.

Fat Loss in 42 Plan

You also get a breakdown of tailoring macros to your body type, supplement advice, daily support and interaction from the Fitter Food Team, an ‘anytime, anywhere’ training plan, guidance on workout nutrition and an awesome bunch of like-minded people to hang out with for 6 weeks in our FL42 members’ forum.

Wondering what a typical Fitter Food meal looks like? Click here to try our delicious cinnamon and parsley lamb stuffed pepper recipe completely free!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It! 

Sandra B+A
“The 42 day plan was a real turning point for me. It changed my relationship with food and made me really think about what I was putting into my body. The biggest thing for me was the change in my hormonal issues.  I now realise that hormones affect ABSOLUTELY everything we do and that what you eat has a huge impact on that, being able to get them under control with food has been a real saviour!! The support and knowledge you get from Matt & Keris is invaluable. These plans are life changing and you’ll never look back- be prepared to feel awesome.” 
Sandra Gitsham


 Charlie Before and After

“I started the 42 Day Plan with a decent level of fitness but no real idea how to structure my own training programme, how to eat to maximise the impact of training, and the real effect nutrition can have on my body. The 6 weeks transformed me; on the outside with fat loss and muscle gain; on the inside with more energy and vitality; and mentally with a solid understanding of how my body works, what doesn’t and how to keep it up.” Charlie Radcliffe


We have a limited number of spots remaining, so if you are looking for REAL lasting results based on REAL food then sign up today! Sign Up Now-2