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Fruit and Nut Easter Nests

7th April 2020

This is a great recipe for kids to get stuck into this weekend, so much fun to make and even more fun to eat!…

30 Minutes

Easy Easter Chocolate Slabs

7th April 2020

This is a great idea either to spice up your dark chocolate fix or to make as a gift for someone special. Top some good quality, 85% dark chocolate with some cool combinations of fruit, nuts and seeds. Makes…

30 Minutes

Extra Thick Homemade ‘Fitter’ Easter Eggs

31st March 2020

An alternative to shop brought Easter eggs using dark chocolate and you can add your favourite Fitter fillings.  A fun afternoon in the kitchen for the whole family, we highly advise you DO try this at home.

1 Hour

Fitter Ferrero Eggs

23rd March 2016

Lynne and Matt are the inspiration behind this recipe after mentioning their plans to dive face first into their favourite chocolates this Easter. The Fitter Ferrero came to the rescue with much more cocoa and a lot less sugar! Fitter Ferrero…

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