Fitter Footy Pizza

14th June 2014

Here at Fitter Food we love a sporting occasion and have been putting our minds to some Fitter Food inspired kick-back-and-watch-the-footy awesome meal times. Behold… the Fitter Footy Pizza is born! To create the pizza we used our simple cauliflower…

1 Hour

Thai Omega Balls

27th May 2014

This is one of our favourite snacks and a great way to pack in a big dose of omega 3's plus the salmon bones and skin are packed with vital minerals and proteins.  Even people who don't like fish have told us they LOVE our Thai Omega Balls. Give em a go!

30 Minutes

Easy Prawn Red Thai Curry

21st May 2014

The beauty of Thai curry is not only do they taste amazing but you can use the exact same recipe for whichever type you like, be it chicken, lamb or just vegetables. This time round though we went for king…

25 Minutes

Dark Chocolate M’n’Ms

17th April 2014

We pimped up a classic treat here by swapping peanuts for macadamia nuts and coating in antioxidant rich (i.e healthy right!) dark chocolate. These taste awesome if the nuts are gently  roasted in the oven beforehand but you can skip…

1 Hour 15 Minutes

Coconut Water Ice Lollies

17th April 2014

Cool down this summer without reaching for a Calippo! We like to use an Ice Lolly Mould Tray (or even an ice cube tray) and simply mix coconut water with our favourite choice of fruit. We used strawberries and…

2-3 Hours Freezing

Aprichoc Balls

17th April 2014

Just unbelievably easy and dangerously tasty! Great as a post workout snack or after dinner treat.

1-2 Hours

Thai Prawn Courgette Noodle

5th April 2014

Don’t you just love it when a dish takes so little time to make yet tastes amazing? Of course you do and that’s exactly what you get with this dish. A nutritious low carb meal that packs a real protein…

18 Minutes

Berry and Walnut: Crumble For One

3rd April 2014

If portion control is an issue for you, this is ideal. Use any combination of fruits and nuts to put together your favourite crackin crumble!…

28-38 Minutes

Fitter 5 A Day Soup

18th January 2014

Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and chard are just totally awesome when it comes to nutrients but their bitter taste can be difficult to get on with.  This soup is the answer by smashing it together with tomatoes, carrots,…

English Breakfast Scotch Eggs

21st September 2013

We love creating new scotch egg ideas. Scotch eggs are a nutritious, convenient meal or snack any time of the day. We cook large batches and spread out across the week or freeze.

45-50 Minutes

Banana and Cinnamon Loaf

2nd September 2013

If you really want a bread or cake substitute this is it! Sweetened only with bananas and packed with healthy fats, protein and cinnamon making it the perfect pre or post workout snack. You can serve topped with butter, a drizzle…

45 Minutes

Mexican Style Lamb Scotch Eggs

31st July 2013

Most of you now know at Fitter Food we are partial to the odd scotch egg, and why the hell not! When we make them we use top quality ingredients and they are full of nutritional goodness! Nom.

40 Minutes
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