Fat Loss

Fruit & Fat Loss

23rd September 2014

When it comes to fruit we tend to observe polar opposite approaches, either people are chomping down several servings and downing pints of orange juice to get their daily vitamin C fix or they’re avoiding it like the plague as someone informed them “fruit makes you fat!”  So what is the score with fruit? 

Post Holiday Health Reboot: Fat Loss in 42

25th August 2014

We’re incredibly excited to announce our post summer Fat Loss in 42 Plan launches on 22 September; after a few months indulging in ice cream, al fresco vino's and a few too many bowls of chips this could be exactly what you need! This plan goes beyond just telling you what to eat and how to train, it offers a full educational programme packed with information about nutrition and lifestyle choices that bring out the best in you! 

Sure Fire Signs Your Diet Isn’t Working

5th May 2014

Were you aware that your body communicates with you all the time by sending key messages about its current health and wellbeing? In our book Fitter Food: A Lifelong Recipe for Health and Fat Loss we detail those sure fire signs that your current eating habits aren’t working for you. Many of us not only ignore this crucial feedback but also consider the following warning signs totally normal:

5 Awesome, Easy, Healthy Desserts

3rd April 2014

Here at Fitter Food we totally understand that every now and then you might need some 'pleasure' foods in your life - who doesn't! Now you don't need to destroy your healthy efforts at the same time with our 5 awesome, easy, healthy desserts!   These desserts are designed to give you a little of what you fancy without destroying your waistline.  Got your own healthy desserts you'd like to share? Tweet us @fitter_food 

The Fitter Food Solution

2nd April 2014

So mainstream media is catching onto the Paleo approach, especially when it comes to that all important, ever present goal of fat loss.  In 2013, Paleo was the most googled diet and this week clinical studies have announced - “Caveman diet twice as effective as modern diets when trying to lose weight”

Moroccan style lamb meatball stew with eggs

6th January 2013

We love Moroccan flavours and we love meatballs so this is the perfect combination. Packed with anti inflammatory spices and tender lamb, topping with an egg finishes it off nicely.  It's great served with cauliflower rice but if you are looking for a higher carbohydrate option you could serve with white rice.

Fitter Food: Why you can’t afford NOT to buy it!

14th December 2012

Matt and I have been on a journey. We’re passionate about health and vitality, however, until recently, perhaps a little guilty of focusing too much on exercise and not truly acknowledging the power of nutrition.  Our recipe book Fitter Food details everything we've learnt (the hard way) about transforming your health from the inside out with food.


10th September 2012

This post is designed to highlight a few things I believe every man should incorporate into their lifestyle in order to obtain awesome levels of strength, a strong mind and truly gangsta energy levels. Its not science, its not going to be full of lab results, its simply some straight talking points on how us men can make some simple changes for an awesome 2012 and beyond.

Fitter Chef says “Cook it healthy!”

4th September 2012

The way we cook and prepare food can often reduce its nutrient content.  Check out Fitter Chef's guide to healthy cooking to ensure you get the best out of your grub.

Fitter Chef says “Cook fat the right way!”

1st September 2012

Not all fats are the same, make sure you know and understand your fats and how to include them in a healthy diet.  Heating and cooking with fats also changes their chemical structure, so make sure you understand how to use different fats to maximise their health benfits.

Five Fat Loss Mistakes People ALWAYS Make!

9th October 2011

Ok so your waist is spilling over your jeans and you decide to reign in the booze and takeaways, hit the gym five times a week and only eat green things for the next two weeks!! If you are sporting some wobbly bits make sure you don't make the common mistakes everyone else does.

Pimp Your Workout

5th October 2011

When was the last time you shaved 3 minutes off your 5k run time? Are you adding weights to your barbell every week? Is your recovery improving enough to allow shorter rest in your interval training? An effective training programme should get you faster, stronger and fitter.  You should see and feel results. 

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