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Lockdown LIVE Workout – Bodyweight & Abs Workout

9th April 2020

NOTE: For this workout, you will need a thick hardback book if you have one, no worries if not. Part 1: Warm up Part 2: Perform each exercise for 45s with 15s rest between each. Go for 3 rounds back…

Quick Abs Circuit

8th April 2020

NOTE: The workout starts at 7:10 mins if you’re familiar with the exercises, are warm or coming back to do this workout again and don’t need to watch the intro. A quick but effective abdominals workout that targets the entire midsection. Perform…

Abs & Core Triple Set

7th April 2020

A quick core and abs challenge you can do at the end of your session or watching TV.

Turbo Abs & Core Burner

7th April 2020

This combo targets the upper and lower abs, the obliques and the core. Keep the reps controlled, don’t rush them and instead really feel the burn baby, it’s a good thing. Perform back to back as a circuit, rest briefly…

Full Body Kettlebell & Bodyweight Workout

24th January 2020

There are 2 circuits here Fitties. The first is a full body workout and the second focuses on the abs. Complete all sets of the first circuit before completing the abs combo. FIRST: Perform as a circuit back to back,…

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