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Looks Can Be Deceiving…

Keris and Friends Portugal

A personal update.

I know it looks like everything is perfect for me.

I live in paradise.

I am engaged to the most incredible human (Matt!)

I have the most handsome hound at my side (Hamish!)

I have an incredibly rewarding career which I’m passionate about.

But behind the scenes I have been struggling with some complex gut issues for the last five years.

It’s becoming the deepest journey of my life.

There are moments that feel so dark I just want to disappear.


There are moments that are helping me create a future I could never even dream of before.

I’m starting to experience a freedom I couldn’t even begin to contemplate before.

I can feel a sense of contentment and calmness that I never had time to stop and bathe in before.

Gratitude now comes with ease because I get to be here today.

It’s not easy, in facts it’s incredibly emotional.

I have come to understand…

You need the rough to truly feel the smooth.

You sometimes need a trip wire in life to stop you heading in the wrong direction.

What feels so frustrating and unfair now is actually helping you to wake up.

The highs and lows help filter the team that will join you on this journey.

You also begin to understand the role of pain, loneliness and fear. When you acknowledge the message, it will pass.

Ultimately, I have a gut feeling this will be the best thing that ever happened to me, perhaps even a blessing in disguise.

If you’re going through a hard time, whether it be health related or other personal reasons know that there is always a positive we can take from it if we choose to look for it.

Remember how strong you are and how much you have already overcome so far.

We’re here to support you, every step of the way.