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FITTER Festive Survival Guide

We LOVE Christmas but it’s easy to get carried away with all the booze, biscuits and boxes of chocolates on offer around the clock. Whilst it’s great to indulge a little with friends and family and get stuck into the festivities you don’t want to end the year feeling miserable because you’ve gained weight, you’re knackered, bloated and your skin is suffering a breakout. All of this can put you in a negative mood and make you no good company to be around, not an ideal mindset to kick off 2018 .

DSC_0938Across the next couple of weeks the key is to continue to implement all the healthy habits you’ve established over the year that include eating healthy food the majority of the time, sleeping eight hours a night, being mindful and moving every day. Supporting your body in this way will allow you to have your mince pie, enjoy it and make very little difference to your health.

All of this is so much easier than you think as it really just involves you continuing with the routine you usually follow to stay healthy, ignoring the constant array of junk food on offer in the supermarket and the bottomless tin of biscuits in the office, calling time on yourself after a couple of glasses of wine rather than a whole bottle, getting your gym kit ready the night so you can get up and out the next morning. You’re awesome at implementing all this from Jan-Nov and December should NOT need to be any different.

Check out a few simple steps below which will help to add a little BOSH to your Crimbo break.

20 Steps For A FITTER Christmas

  1. Start each day with 500ml of water.
  2. Get outside and walk, jog, cycle or just simply move for one hour a day.
  3. Have a couple of egg yolks each day to support liver health.
  4. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, the drop in blood sugar will make you an idiot to be around.
  5. Be charitable and give something to those that need it this time of year: your time, money or a few possessions.
  6. Have a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with meals to support digestion.
  7. Pile your plate with veggies before you add anything else.
  8. Grab yourself a mindful colouring book (or ask Santa for one) so you can peacefully scribble away in amongst the chaos.
  9. Don’t eat too late – implement a cut off point.
  10. Cover yourself with magnesium spray oil to help you chillax or take magnesium citrate capsules.
  11. Keep your bowels moving with plenty of fibre to support detoxification (to repeat pile your plate with veggies!)
  12. Drink fresh ginger or peppermint tea to help it all go down!
  13. Add fats to your treats to slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream e.g. a spoonful of double cream with a mince pie ☺
  14. Fast occasionally, especially if you’ve overindulged.
  15. If you know a beige buffet is on the agenda have a healthy meal beforehand or take a tray of Matt’s Mighty Scotch Eggs along.
  16. Buffer the carnage by getting as much sleep as you possibly can.
  17. Think festive nutrient density – liver pate, homemade Xmas trail mix, raw cheese with grapes and celery, dark chocolate truffles, veggie soups, curried leftovers and bubble and squeak brekkies. There are some great recipes in our Fitter Food Christmas Recipe eBook here,
  18. Take lots of photos to capture the wonderful experiences and memories that will keep you smiling into the new year.
  19. Laugh out loud, it’s the best ab exercise ever!
  20. Each morning spend a few moments contemplating what you feel grateful for in 2018.

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