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Struggling with Hypothyroidism and Menopause Onset? Check Out This Diagram!

I recently got chatting to a lovely lady in a coffee shop after Hamish plonked his head in her lap requesting an ear tickle ?

We got chatting about what we do for a living and I mentioned I was a Nutritional Therapist. She asked if I thought nutrition might be helpful for her, she had been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was now struggling with the onset of menopausal symptoms.

She was constantly tired, struggling with sleep issues and night sweats, experiencing excessive cravings and constant weight gain.

She had no motivation to exercise and was existing on cake and coffee for energy then losing herself in multiple bottles of prosecco at the weekend.

Her symptoms were getting worst despite multiple medications and she felt stuck in a vicious cycle.

So I used my artistic skills to walk her through some of the processes going on in her body right now and where she needed to start with her changes.

Take a ??? and please pass on to anyone who needs to read this right now!

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Hyperthyroidism & Menopause