Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is A lot Like Menopause

Keris Wisdom Teeth
What do wisdom teeth removal and Menopause have in common?! This morning I had my wisdom teeth taken out – no sedation either (sob!)

After recently running a webinar (sign up for our emails if you’d like to notified of future free events) discussing menopause it occurred to me there are many parallels.

Both are just a bundle of fear, horror stories, once they kick off you have no choice in the matter, both will feck your sleep and mean you can’t eat what you like 😂

Or so you think 🤔
Actually, once my wisdom teeth erupted I decided to put an integrated health approach in place, just as I’ve done with my hormones.
In both situations, I did my research, looked at the options, consulted experts to ensure the process was personalised to my needs, with as little risk as possible.
Interestingly, my dentist also made some suggestions about prepping my teeth for menopause and the effects of declining hormones which can loosen teeth, oh eck!
With both I also did the groundwork by implementing the following, all essential for hormones and dental health:
✅ I optimised my vitamin D, K2, and calcium levels.
✅ I strength trained to build muscle and increase bone density.
✅ I tidied my sleep hygiene and worked on stress management with plenty of self-care. This helped my hormones and teeth by minimising teeth grinding and clenching too💪
✅ I balanced my blood sugars with protein and a nutritious diet to stabilise hormones and of course consuming less processed, refined foods is vital for healthy teeth.
✅ I have continued to support my gut and oral microbiome (with flossing, probiotics, and saltwater mouth washing) because the research has confirmed a disrupted microbiome reeks havoc on your health and immune system. This will then impact your hormones.
✅ I optimised my estrogen levels for bone density the safest, evidence-based HRT intervention.
Whilst there are no guarantees, there’s also no fear because I’ve got a plan, and if need be there’s a drawing board and a team I trust for help and support.
In terms of your general hormone health or menopause, you’re not powerless and shouldn’t feel vulnerable or scared.
There are so many effective interventions that you can implement with regards to nutrition, exercise, supplements, sleep support, and HRT.
All are hugely beneficial whether you have a cycle, are perimenopause, or going through menopause.
Trust me, a personalised approach can make a world of a difference.
I know many women in a similar position and so I’ve put full details into a Menopause Power Pack and included a 300-page Hormone Hero Nutrition Essentials and Practical Guidance ebook.
Essentially everything you need to know to nurture your hormones now and future proof for the inevitable.
Menopause Power Pack - Sami Quote