What a HRT Prescription Taught Me About Menopause

I dedicated the beginning of 2019 to writing a Peri-Menopause and Menopause E-course for our Fitter 365 Members. I had a good reason, just over a year ago, I was handed a prescription for HRT as test results showed all my hormones were in the post menopausal range.

I had so many questions at this point, but I struggled to get answers because my appointment time was up ?

I was simply informed I needed it and “think of your poor bones” was the response I got when I queried.

I left the appointment consumed by guilt that I hadn’t taken care of myself.

I’m lucky that my training allowed me to take control of the situation and put a process in place to get some much-needed answers, obtain second opinions and explore alternative options.

A big question I needed answering initially was whether I was in fact in the process of early menopause.

Interpreting test results myself was hugely helpful here, it’s not rocket science either.

My next question was about HRT.

With a family history of breast cancer would this pose an increased risk?

Was this particular type and dose of hormone therapy right for me or was this a standard prescription?

I also knew there was too much caffeine, work commitments and running, but my mood health wasn’t robust enough to change that, these were my coping mechanisms.

I was pretty anxious, confused and vulnerable at this point.

I wondered if the HRT could provide symptom relief that would enable further positive changes.

BUT the options presented created so many conflicting thoughts I just felt exhausted by the whole thing.

Working through a process enabled me to find an intervention that worked for me and didn’t require HRT, but that’s not the case for everyone.

When my hormones fell back into healthy reference ranges I couldn’t believe the difference it made mentally and physically.

I’d gotten used to a different version of normal, my mood struggles, water retention, memory issues, hot flashes and lack of energy were just part of a busy week.

Despite my knowledge, I realised there’s a minefield of information to work through including tests, herbal support, supplements, nutrition essentials, weight gain, exercise, bone support, genetics and HRT risks and benefits.

The whole process had such an impact on my quality of life that I put EVERYTHING I discovered into our Peri-Menopause and Menopause E-course on Fitter365.com.

Perimenopause and Menopause ecourse on fitter365.com

My goal was to leave no stone unturned for any woman transitioning through peri-menopause and menopause.

It’s the educational journey I wish I’d had at the start of my hormone issues.

It’s not a protocol or quick fix but outlines the steps you need to help you truly change and discover a personalised approach that works for you.

It includes –

  • Menopause menu and meal planner
  • Handouts on supplements and supportive herbs
  • Questions to ask a specialist
  • HRT options
  • How to support bone density and lose weight

You can make a start for FREE with our 7 day trial HERE

Please also share with any other women you know struggling through peri-menopause or menopause right now.