This is Why You Don’t Look Like J-Lo

This is why you don't look like J-Lo

I recently read an article discussing how J-Lo is becoming an inspiration to all women approaching menopause. Enter the six pack.

Now I blinkin love J-Lo, she’s fierce, but I couldn’t keep up with her in my 20’s let alone now with my fading hormones. 

I’m pretty sure there’s something that gave J-Lo a head start on the hormone changes that you don’t have. 

I’m not talking about Ben Affleck or an impressive bank balance that means she could likely take a day off after battling a night of hot sweats either. 

Rather the fact that she will have access to a team of experts to review her nutrition, exercise routine, supplements, blood tests and educate her about other supportive options across each phase of the change including safe HRT and herbal medicine support. 

I’ve been supporting women through the menopause transition for years, often referring to other professionals when needed for specifics regarding pelvic health, urogenital issues, herbal support and HRT. 

Seeing first hand how a holistic approach to hormones can restore a woman’s quality of life, I’ve decided to create this opportunity for other women.

I’ve recruited a team of professionals to join me in running a 21 Day Menopause Support Hub. It includes a Newson Health Menopause GP, Medical Herbalist, Vaginal Health expert, Women’s health physio and team of Nutritionists and exercise professionals. 

Read more details about our team and the hub program HERE.

Fitter Food Menopause Support Hub - Poster 27 Sept

A one stop hormone shop with all the information and advice women need to adopt an integrated approach to both perimenopause and menopause. 

It will also provide something I believe to be truly medicinal and often missing from a woman’s personal struggle with her hormones: a safe place to hangout, chat and confide in other women in a similar position.

There’s an early bird offer, don’t miss out!