Lockdown Hormones Be Like 😡😫😥😀

Women's Hormone Health Keris Marsden CNM Fitter Food

Many clients have reached out to me through each Lockdown experiencing hormone issues.

Since being a teenager I’ve struggled with my own and experienced first hand how they impact your digestion, mood and skin too.

Your hormones are cyclical and responsive.

For that reason they may always be work in progress as they reflect the bigger picture surrounding you.

Hormones have never come across anything like Lockdown before so I’m not surprised many are screwing about it.

Over the last ten years I’ve helped women of every age group with their hormones. 

This has allowed me to observe a pattern that you might find interesting.

A lot of issues kick off in teenage years and comes back for a second wave during peri-menopause and menopause. Sometimes in the postnatal phase too.

Without doubt a contributing factor is the hormonal changes taking place at these life stages.

But not every woman struggles, so what else is going on?

It’s at these points in life that a tidal wave of expectations and realisations also hit many women.

The big 3 being:

1️⃣ How you’re suppose to look
2️⃣ What you’re supposed to achieve daily/monthly/annually
3️⃣ How you compare to others

I’ve seen it cause a chronic confidence crisis that leads many women to lose every ounce of compassion to themselves and their body.

Lockdown has undoubtedly intensified this pattern.

In the midst of a global pandemic I’m still seeing women searching for a fix without the time or headspace to fully identify the real issues.

In the race to compare positively there’s so many plates to spin including being the perfect parent (and teacher!), not letting the waistline slip, maintaining some form of a profession, squeezing in a workout and preventing the house from becoming a rubbish dump, every hour!

So many women have ended up devoting an excessive number of hours to being a very busy human doing.

There’s nothing wrong with devoting time to the above but the context, the reason and the right balance is important.

Hormones keep you accountable to that balance.

You could say they’re trying to steer you away from perfection, perceptions, comparisons and all the stress that comes with it.

It’s easy to want to blame hormones, but they might just be guiding you to a better place.

I’ll leave you with Hamish, a hormone hero, just look into those 👀’s

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