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5 Essentials for Lockdown 3.0

Keris Marsden Nutritional Therapist Tunbridge Wells

January is going to be a challenge for everyone.

The irony with Covid-19 is that robust metabolic and immune health is imperative to minimise the risk of having a severe infection.

Yet the stress and anxiety surrounding the situation is derailing blood sugar levels, scuppering quality sleep, causing weight gain, and hammering our body’s immune defenses.

The effect seems to be building with each lockdown as the financial impact, disruption to education and the economy becomes more apparent, leading to more fear and uncertainty about the future.

BUT whilst the situation is pretty tough right now, you need to remind yourself it will not last.

Before you know it we’ll be looking back, with immense relief, and a newfound appreciation for a hug and coffee indoors.

As we’re nearly there it’s vital you don’t let this current Lockdown have a detrimental impact on your wellbeing.

So here are a couple of essentials to support your mental and physical health…


Don’t waste time ranting about what you cannot change, yes right now a lot sucks but REFOCUS on what you CAN do. Adapt your daily routine to look after you, your loved ones, and your community, every action makes a difference.


Reframe situations. The next few weeks will be a test of your endurance, patience, and energy but if you look closely you’ll find something great about every single day, nature never fails to deliver on this so be sure to observe that daily.


Take control and predict that your brain will ask you to escape the situation with food, booze, scrolling on your phone, hiding under the duvet, or rinsing your credit card online. Each will present itself as an attractive proposition but in excess can lead to trouble. Put damage control measures in place.


Don’t sit on social media grimacing at others. Take inspiration or get off the feed. As the saying goes “You do you” and let them do them.


Reflect on the last two lockdowns, if you struggled and hit barriers then find solutions. The key to staying on track usually requires an element of accountability, structure, community, and a motivational influence.
Yours in health,

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