Immune System Health

Covid Concerns? Focus on this ONE thing!

Keris talks heading back to work during Coronavirus

 is this just me?
Or do you also find your head occasionally slips back to pre-COVID times when you’re out and about?
Then you get a whiff of your own breath bouncing off your facemask providing a funky smelling reminder that the future is going to be very different for some time.
As the days are beginning to shorten it’s natural to be worrying about the season change around the corner and the susceptibility to infection it will likely bring.
One thing that’s clear at the moment is that it’s going to be some time before we have a health system and infrastructure in place to deal with this global pandemic adequately.
The last few months have illustrated that a number of mistakes will be made before solutions and strategies can be identified.
It’s easy to feel like sitting ducks as governments and medical professionals scramble to understand the most appropriate way to test, vaccinate, and prevent the spread of this virus.
Whilst there are no guarantees on immunity, there is plenty you can do now beyond washing your hands and social distancing.
One means of giving your body the best fighting chance in this situation is to focus on supporting healthy metabolic function.
All the research and statistics have confirmed that metabolic complications increase your vulnerability to COVID infection and the severity of the infection.
What does this involve?
  • Healthy blood glucose regulation
  • Healthy lipid profile, especially triglycerides
  • Normalising blood pressure
  • Inflammation control
There are numerous effective diet and lifestyle interventions that contribute to all these including losing weight, cutting back on alcohol, minimising medication, a whole foods diet that promotes good nutrient status, daylight exposure, periods of fasting, walking barefoot, daily physical activity, and structured exercise that ideally increases lean body mass.
Looking after your gut is also imperative as a large part of your immune system is located in the digestive tract.
I’ve had numerous clients book in and describe COVID-19 as a wake-up call that has helped them prioritise self-care and kick start a journey to better health.
It really is time to reflect upon how much time and money you invest in shifting your body in the wrong direction and then make some decisions.
In the words of Yoda…

“Do or do not, there is no try”

BUT it’s also perfectly natural to struggle with the process of change.
These are difficult times and the resulting negative emotions make you want to hide under the duvet or just inhale your comfort food or booze of choice.
So although your body needs optimal metabolic health, your mind may need some ACCOUNTABILITY to lead the show.
One thing lockdown taught us both is that this factor could be the difference between do and do not.
Our Fitter 365 Facebook community has stepped up massively on this front, helping to keep Matt and me on track when we’ve struggled with our own motivation.
I’m fitter than I’ve been for a long time thanks to our team training via Facebook Lives. All of us have stuck together and helped each other through the highs and low of Lockdown and beyond.
Our website is now stacked with all the practical resources you need to ensure you’re supporting your metabolic health including videos on blood sugar regulation, meal plans, weight loss guidance, training sessions and programmes, immune support advice, and yoga sessions PLUS daily check-ins with the team to keep you on track.
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