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Testing Times…We’re Here For You

As new guidelines are in place in the UK and across the globe encouraging social distancing and self isolation we just wanted to reassure you of our commitment to help in any way we can. We will continue to offer support across our social media channels and via our Fitter Food Radio podcast.

We have also made our Fitter 365 Facegroup free and available to join, please jump in and share with anyone that needs daily interaction, motivation and a friendly group to hang out with online. 

Because one thing that’s certain during these unprecedented circumstances is the need to join together as a strong community to help and support one another in any way possible.

We have always been so incredibly proud of our Fittie community and don’t doubt you’re already adapting your routine, taking control and doing everything possible to help those around you and the vulnerable.

We want to ensure you stay well fuelled and motivated too.

Across social media (@fitterfood), we’ll be offering LIVE chats, sharing recipes, workout ideas using bodyweight or minimal equipment, daily movement challenges and providing an insight into how we’re keeping ourselves entertained at home and hopefully not driving one another nuts.

Here are a few things to keep on your menu: 

  • Nutritious meals, batch cook and use the time at home to experiment with new recipes. Check out our selection here.
  • Daily movement: take regular movement snacks with stretches, bodyweight exercises and potter about at home, do walking phone calls in the garden or lap the lounge as you chat. Head to our exercise section for videos and inspiration.
  • Plan a daily routine for yourself and your family to minimise the chaos and quarrels.
  • Set yourself a challenge to achieve over the next few weeks or a skill to master e.g. a full body weight pull up, teach yourself to knit, learn a language or increase your push up record.
  • Change your working position and environment where possible – sit, stand, lie on the floor and change rooms across the day.
  • Continue to connect with video calls, your brain (and immune system) like to see other faces to feel safe so use your tea breaks to contact friends and family for a chat.
  • Make a start on the jobs you’ve been putting off e.g. the cupboard clear outs, the gardening, the painting or start the big spring clean.
  • Plan ahead and find some uplifting films or box sets to watch and books to read.

Most importantly, take care, stay positive and remember tough times don’t last but tough people do.