Why I Sleep In My Gym Gear…Occasionally

Having had a brilliant Crimbo with a little extra sprinkling of sugar, lots of late nights and cheese with just about everything, I’m now back to business as usual and following my healthy Fitter Food principles.

As you can see Matt is taking a little while longer, he seems to have barricaded himself in behind a wall of coffee, chocolate and crisps!!

After years of practice and truly experiencing the benefits of a Fitter lifestyle, it’s easier for me than it might feel for you right now BUT I do have my moments and therefore I still need strategies in place to keep me focused.

I need back up plans to help me overcome barriers that pop up at the last minute and threaten to derail my good intentions. I still need an extra dose of strength at times to fight against triggers that can send me down the road of self destruction.

It’s easy to talk yourself out of training or prepping a decent meal, especially if you’re busy or someone else’s needs are greater so here’s some tips and tricks that help to get me back to my FITTER self and keep me there day in day out as the best version of me follows Fitter Food lifestyle consistently.

My Fool Proof Stay On Track Strategies

So if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram (and if you don’t why don’t you?!) you might have seen already that I occasionally sleep in my running gear. Here’s the thing, despite loving exercise I have a very limited time slot, usually upon waking, where it needs to happen before my day gets too busy. I sleep in my running gear when I have to run earlier than usual and it just works. I might go to press snooze but instantly get guilt tripped by the lycra and filled with a sense of obligation to my attire I always end up getting up and out.

The dark, cold and wet mornings are a danger zone for me so I think ahead and ensure getting my feet out the door is as effortless as possible and likely to happen.

The heating is set to come on early making it easier to part with the duvet. My alarm is placed on the other side of the room so I actually have to get up to turn it off, whilst doing this I repeat to myself “Don’t get back in bed, don’t get back in bed” and there’s a pint of water on the bedside table to get me hydrated first thing.

As you’ve probably gathered visual cues really work for me, my smoothie ingredients and supplements are left out the night before – next to the coffee machine of course. The foam roller and yoga mat are ready in the lounge for a cool down and stretch.

Recently I’ve been trying to increase my strength and joint stability to balance my running so I’ve got Matt to take all my gym gear, laptop and put it in the gym locker so despite waking up and thinking I’ll give it a miss I have no choice but to head to the gym.

These are pretty unique to my morning routine and work for me, no doubt you’ll be able to come up with some solutions that get you up and out too.

Of course accountability goes beyond exercise and the following are also part and parcel of keeping both Matt and I FITTER 365 days of the year:

1. Do a Big Shop and Cook it 

Our food shop keeps us accountable to eating loads of fruit, veg and salad as the shelf life is so short. Matt is currently obsessed with making our weekly shop a movement expedition too and we often walk to the supermarket, farmers walk the baskets around the store and then trek back. We batch cook burgers, fishcakes, soups, stews and plenty of side dishes like ratatouille, coleslaw and roasted vegetables. Not only does this save you having to THINK about making a healthy choice, you’re more likely to make the RIGHT choice even when you’re hangry and time poor because the good stuff is right there in font of you and no one likes to waste great scoff.

2. Increase Your Protein Intake

We’re not fans of tracking macros and calories but we do think it’s helpful to have an idea of your basic protein needs. Meeting your protein requirements is helpful for balancing blood sugar levels, increasing satiation and supporting good mood health, the vital ingredients that will keep you on track. We have a serving at every meal and mix animal and vegetarian proteins. Our Fitter 16 plan includes detailed information and easy visual guides to help you assess your needs and the meal plan is designed to help you practically implement the recommendations.

3. Create a FITTER Team

An important and often overlooked factor when it comes to health is the behaviour and support of those you spend the most time with. I’m incredibly lucky that Matt and Hamish are totally on board with Fitter Food principles and we carry each other through any moments of weakness, Hamish can be easily distracted on a run by a hot spaniel and Matt would happily face plant into a tub of ice cream on any day given half the chance. We nudge and influence each other to move more, eat more veg, get to bed earlier, switch off phones and tag team food prep.

Hamish is also the circadian rhythm master in our household, he sets the sleep/wake cycle by sloping off upstairs at 8.30pm and is usually bouncing around, flinging socks in the air as soon as the alarm goes off. Come torrential rain or shine we’re up and outside every day, twice a day. It turns out the research suggests sleep hygiene and getting outside are vital for our body clock, metabolism, immune health and happiness so getting yourself a dog, or borrowing one, could be the best health decision you ever make.

4. Outsource Accountability

You should never feel guilty about struggling to get going when transforming your health, you can blame human nature for a start as the body is naturally inclined to be a little lazy and we all know refined foods, alcohol, caffeine and general excess trigger the reward centers in the brain making them irresistible to us. It can take a while to rebalance your body and mind back to a good place, those initial few starting steps can really feel like you’re working against yourself and everything you crave.

It’s vital that you have some means of staying accountable to your goals at this stage to keep you motivated and moving forward. This is the reason we developed a Transformation Tracker on Fitter 16 and recently launched a dedicated Fitter 16 Facebook Group for everyone undergoing their lifestyle transformation. Seeing others post their results and progress is a great way to keep focused and have an insight into what YOU can achieve.

Results like Debra’s below…

Many habits you develop with regard to food, booze and a lack of exercise take a little time to unravel, they’re also often a response to your greater environment including stress, low self esteem, destructive relationships and lack of confidence.

Having support, guidance and mentoring is invaluable until your find your feet, so incorporate this element into your plans for change to give yourself the very best chance of success.

5. And Most Importantly …

Take a moment to reflect how you feel right now….

It’s a big motivating factor for me, knowing that I can feel constantly tired, unfit, easily overwhelmed and struggle with low moods or I can be energised, confident, strong and resilient. That thought alone keeps me accountable to my Fitter Food lifestyle and it really is a lifestyle because you need to transform how you eat, sleep, move, think, rest and restore yourself.

Fitter 16 walks you through 16 weeks of practicing the habits that will create the very best version of YOU. We’d love to have you on board and there’s a special £50 discount running until the New Year so take action and get started, sprint over to www.fitter16.com